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Teen's mom: Son didn't have gun when Fayetteville officer fired

Posted October 14, 2013

— The mother of a 16-year-old boy who was fatally shot by a Fayetteville police officer is disputing authorities' claims that her son had a gun.

Shaqur McNair died at Cape Fear Valley Medical Center Sunday after Officer Christopher Hunt fired at the teen while responding to a domestic disturbance call on Bertram Place sometime after 6 p.m.

Police Chief Harold Medlock told reporters Sunday that Hunt was trying to take McNair's mother, Africka Bennett, into custody after she hit him on the head.

The two were struggling on the ground when McNair ignored Hunt's commands to back away and pulled up his shirt and began to draw the handgun from his waistband, Medlock said.

Hunt fired at least three rounds.

Even though police said Monday that evidence suggests a stolen 9mm Hi-Point semi-automatic handgun at the scene was in McNair's possession at the time of the shooting, Bennett said her son was unarmed and that Hunt shot without warning.

"My son was shot three times for no reason. He didn't have (a) weapon. He wasn't (a) threat," she said. "The officer said not one thing. My son was not a threat. He just shot him, and my son rolled over and said, 'Momma, he shot me, and I did nothing wrong.'"

A police spokesman declined to comment Monday on Bennett's claims, referring only to Medlock's account of events that he gave Sunday night.

"My son was a good kid – very athletic, very smart," said Bennett. "He was well-known for his smile, his friendliness."

McNair was a junior at Westover High School in Fayetteville, where he was well-known, played basketball and had never before been in trouble, she said.

Westover principal Thomas Benson said McNair was a pleasant student who made decent grades and that the two of them met a couple weeks ago.

"We just had a brief conversation about what we need to try to keep him encouraged with his academics," Benson said.

Medlock said Sunday that Hunt was the first officer to respond to 201 Bertram Place in Fayetteville's Loch Lomond subdivision, where a crowd of about 12 to 15 people had gathered in the street.

While waiting for other officers to arrive, Hunt arrested Bennett's other son after observing injuries to a woman related to the call.

It was during that arrest that Bennett approached Hunt, struck him on the head and tried to take away her son, Medlock said.

Bennett, 39, was taken into custody just before the shooting and charged with assault on a government official.

She denies striking Hunt.

"I just snatched away. I did not hit him, as they say I did," she said.

She added that she plans to take action against the police department, although she would not say what kind.

"These robot cops think, just because they wear a badge, that they can treat people any kind of way – I’m not going to have it," Bennett said.

The State Bureau of Investigation is handling the shooting case – standard in officer-involved shootings – and Hunt has been placed on administrative duty.

Medlock said Hunt violated no policy by responding to the call alone but that he directed officers Sunday evening to begin waiting for a second officer before going into a domestic dispute.

Hunt had been close when the call came in, Medlock said, and he thought his backup was close when he responded.

"Quite frankly, I don't like for my cops to show up on any domestic call by themselves," Medlock said. "For a domestic, you always know there are at least two people involved. If one officer shows up, we're automatically behind the game, and that certainly was the case tonight."


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  • scvmcdoc Oct 16, 2013

    I find it very interestiong how fast WRAL dropped this story to the very back burner as soon as the investigators confirme that the gun was in the boys possession.

  • queen1921 Oct 16, 2013

    People really shouldn't comment on things they have no clue about. Oh and for the people that is so concerned as to where is his father is he passed away in a car accident about 2 years ago.

  • bluecanary Oct 16, 2013

    It's becoming pretty stereotypical at this point, at least here in Fayetteville. Something happens, kid gets shot while doing something he shouldn't have been doing, family goes on the news to cry about what a "good boy" he was. Seems to me, with all these sweet innocent honor students we have running around this town, the crime rate should be much lower. And as far as a mother who was assaulting an officer claiming that her child was "good", well, her idea of good and everyone else's idea of good are probably really different.

  • ossiferbob Oct 16, 2013

    What are the chances that it was a (justified) "furtive movement"
    shooting? I can just see the kid running up, his baggy pants begin to fall, he grabs at his waistband (JUST like going for a gun!) and gets himself shot. Wardrobe malfunction?

  • ossiferbob Oct 16, 2013

    PARENTING - The most important job done by unskilled labor!

  • Lightfoot3 Oct 16, 2013

    "It was an armed teen with a stolen gun and that is a fact." - thepeopleschamp

    That's an allegation at this point. It was also the same allegation by LAPD Officer Rafael Pérez when he planted a gun on Javier Ovando to frame him. Ovando spend a couple of years in prison before Pérez came clean.

    While I can understand treating the mom's words with suspect, but if there are other witnesses that also claim the teen was unarmed then there really needs to be a thorough investigation.

    It's possible (though I admit unlikely) that it could have been a good shoot but a gun was planted to make sure. The dude I saw that was shot was running from the police, so although I don't know for sure, I assume he was probably involved in some criminal activity before the chase/shooting.

  • Lightfoot3 Oct 16, 2013

    "Oh my, someone has brought wikipedia "facts" to the conversation, no way anyone can dispute wikipedia, lol." - thepeopleschamp

    Sure you can. You can dispute the holocaust happened. You can dispute the Hindenburg crashed. You can dispute the 911 attacks. You can dispute the Kennedy assasination. You can dispute these and any other "facts" in Wikipedia, all you want. Doesn't change the reality of the world though.

  • thepeopleschamp Oct 15, 2013

    Oh my, someone has brought wikipedia "facts" to the conversation, no way anyone can dispute wikipedia, lol.

  • thepeopleschamp Oct 15, 2013

    "If not wanting to see unarmed kids getting gunned down makes me irrational, I'll gladly accept the label." The Hans

    Good thing that was not the case here. It was an armed teen with a stolen gun and that is a fact. Tell us if you were the officer what you would have done differently?

  • gjnr4 Oct 15, 2013

    This sounds like another lack of responsibility. Some parents won't admit their childrens' wrongdoings. The crowd should've backed away when told to do so. Whenever these situations happen it's never any fault of their own. Blaming law enforcement is an easy way out now.