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Teen killed in Franklin County hunting accident

Posted September 6, 2010

— An 18-year-old man was killed Monday afternoon while hunting near Louisburg, according to Lt. John Reams of the state Wildlife Resources Commission.

Reams said an uncle and nephew were hunting near Rocky Ford when the uncle swung his gun to shoot a dove. The gun went off at the base of the nephew's head, killing him instantly, Reams said.

An autopsy will be performed on the teen’s body at the Office of the State Chief Medical Examiner in Chapel Hill.

More details, including the identity of the victim, haven't been released.


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  • mdt2543 Sep 9, 2010

    it is honestly disgusting how you people can sit here and trash talk franklin county and their police force!it is completely pathetic how all your worried about is"birdshot"when someones friend,brother,boyfriend,son,and nephew is dead becuase of an ACCIDENT!the way yall are wording things is basically saying "they deserved it because of"Drinking"and "they were asked to leave in the first place" so its all their fault" which is completetly selfish and inconsiderate!obviously none of yall have lost someone close or else you would understand! Must i reming yall this is the 4th teen this year to be killed from lbrg. so making rude,inconsiderate and unesscary comments makes you all come off as sorry excuses for adults. show some repect for the fact that our friend is dead. no matter the reason hes not comin back!this is a time of mourning.

    if any of yall have kids im sure uve taught them "if you dont have anything to say dont sayanything at all"
    mind your own and take your own advice.

  • aharp Sep 8, 2010

    I am shocked that there are so many inconsiderate people...to the person that wrote this comment (Now there are dead doves on everyone’s property around and they still did not pick up all the beer cans they left behind.) If this had of been your child or family member would you be thinking about what was left on property?? NO you would be trying to get yourself together and accept what terrible thing that has happened but yet idiots like you have no compassion for the family and post these hateful heartless things like that for them to read.. maybe you need to take your opinion and post it somewhere else other than here!!! For everyone else that is complaining or talking negative about my family you need to get into church!!! Everybody is running there mouth about things that they no nothing about! The tragedy of this will stay with the love ones forever.. Please respect that this is already hard enough for the family and friends of Jared's without you people adding more pain! RIP JW

  • Ms. Kelly Sep 8, 2010

    Why does everyone want to criticize. After a tragic or freak accident has already happened you can always find ways that it could have been prevented, but it is not like they were doing anything wrong. They were hunting and just like any accident, they happen SO fast and it can occur any time or place no matter what you are doing. I've been through a freak accident too and my family had to deal will it and not blame ourselves for it. Its so hard to understand things like this and why they happen but I hope Jared's uncle can pull through this along with his whole family.

  • Carolina Girl 2012 Sep 8, 2010

    Desiderata , i was there & and very good friend of Jareds, but why should i be charged? I had my hunting license as well as everyone else. We weren't doing anything wrong. Its HUNTING season. But accidents do happen ... riding dirt bikes, driving car, everywhere. YOUR inconsiderate !

    It's was an accident. NO ONE'S getting charged. So unless "YOU" were there. Shut it. That is all.

    -- im so sorry JARED

  • punkinpiez712 Sep 8, 2010

    You know what... All of us that knew and loved Jared have already lost him... His uncle feels bad enough as it is and is going to have to live with this the rest of his life. Yes, this could have been prevented, but it's happend, this life cannot be taken back... Is that not bad enough??? Also none of us really want to hear all of the anti hunter comments, and anti gun comments that everyone has to say. Why dont you keep it to yourself... If something like this happend to your family in any other way, would you want everyone on the internet talking about it and putting in there two cents when they dont even know anything about it, they just knew what had been put on the news. So why dont you do yourself a favor, if you are cold hearted and dont have any sympathy for anyone... Go write on another story....

  • mann1396 Sep 8, 2010

    I must admit I am a little ashamed at how the uncle has been tried, and found guilty already by his peers without a trial by jury just in reading the blogs here. We don't have all the facts. If this happened to YOU would you be so quick to be so hurtful and condemning? I pray for the Uncle and for the family of the young man, who has lost so much and suffered so much. It is not for us to say who is wrong or right at this time but to pray for the families involved that they may get through this with love and support. I am sorry peoples hearts are so hard and cold.

  • dianebearden Sep 7, 2010

    What a sad story. My condolences to the family of this young man, as well as the uncle. I don't believe the uncle should be charged, after all it was a TRAGIC ACCIDENT.

  • Desiderata Sep 7, 2010

    From what I have read, the uncle will be charged with neglegent homocide. and the hunt buddies should be charged with accessories to the crime..DO NOT feel bad for the uncle .he was old enough to be a role model as a hunter ,,now he is the villan..sorry for the rest of the family and friends,The "old boys club" is as alive and active as it ever was!

  • cathrn67 Sep 7, 2010

    Just for the record their were doves left dead on Saturday, Yes it was a tragic accident but if you saw what we saw going on it was an accident waiting to happen, I know everyone who was there was in shock but they were able to cleanup the beer cans on Monday before the authorities got there. The
    Sheriffs could have told us that there were other agencies that we could notify but they did not!!!! the sheriffs that did arrive were very unconcerned about my children getting hit with buckshot as were the hunters,four of the hunters told my husband its just a little bird shot well look what bird shot can do. I feel terrible for everyone involved but who the hell was watching his back, why was he in the middle of the field when everyone else was on either side of the field.

  • IdoN0TliveinDurham Sep 7, 2010

    where's all the sympathy for the doves?

    If going out and killing things is what passes for recreation, then you're just going to have to realize that, every once in a while, someone doing the recreating is going to get killed.

    Hunters die every year in accidents. Parents who are so quick to put guns into the hands of their children and send them out to "play" need to realize this.