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Teen driving crackdown begins in Johnston County

Posted October 13, 2008

— The North Carolina Highway Patrol will be watching Johnston County teen drivers especially closely this week.

Troopers will step up patrols around county high schools and will hold traffic safety programs inside schools.

The effort, called Operation Drive to Live in Johnston County, is a reaction to ta recent spate of collisions involving county teens. Johnston County led the state last year with 11 teen traffic fatalities.

The Highway Patrol effort is one of a number of initiatives aimed at improving teen driver safety in the county.

County Commissioner Tony Braswell plans to host a forum of elected officials, law enforcement officials, school representatives, students, parents, state Department of Transportation officials, fire department members, emergency services providers and the general public to discuss various strategies and how best to implement them.

The Town of Smithfield will offer free defensive-driving courses to county teens beginning in November. Teens or their parents should call the Town of Smithfield at 919-934-2116 to sign up for the class.


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  • craig615537 Oct 13, 2008

    go to this site. great device for teen drivers.


  • leo-nc Oct 13, 2008

    The Highway Patrol has been and will continue to ticket them, long before this program ever came to pass.

  • Scubagirl Oct 13, 2008

    Why warn them? Just do it and let them, and any one else pay the consequences and price. I agree that making the teens pay their own fines, insurance etc will be a good deterrent for future events. Personally I think too many teens have their own cars-not so much because of need but desire. Let them take the bus, so what if their friends see them on a bus? Kids today are GIVEN too much and have not got a real appreciation for posessions or priviledges. They are considered a right not a priviledge. Bring that back as well.

  • agricon3 Oct 13, 2008

    Most of the fatal accidents happen outside the school activity realm--nights and weekends and on dark rural roads. Why not better road markings, longer permit time, more DE especially road time and less threats. Using the same criterea I-40 and I-95 should be eyes on everywhere, all the time.

  • whocares Oct 13, 2008

    They should also hang out around where teenagers go to clubs, etc. Ticket them and make them pay the fines themselves, take away their license, and then they can take the bus to school.

  • jr1brown Oct 13, 2008

    Absolutely correct, Elmo. And make the ticket stick in court so that mommy and daddy's insurance rates will go sky high. That will encourage their kids to slow down and that's the only thing that will do it.

  • Common Sense Man Oct 13, 2008

    When I was a crazy driving teen the only thing that kept me driving normal was getting a ticket, because I didn't want another one anytime soon. Gotta cite 'em.