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Teen Charged With Taking 'Inappropriate' Cell Phone Pictures

Posted May 15, 2007

— A 15-year-old student at Grays Creek Senior High School was charged Tuesday with sex-related charges involving a child in connection with "inappropriate" cell phone pictures, authorities said.

The unidentified student was arrested at his home on 10 felony counts each of first-degree sexual exploitation of a minor and third-degree sexual exploitation of a minor and one count of secretly peeping.

The teen used a cell phone camera to photograph at least one unsuspecting victim within the past month, authorities said.


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  • babyphatt May 16, 2007

    i hear voices, you shouldnt state such comments of someone being a perv and what you would do when you dont know the full facts or the situation. get the full story first, then make comments.

  • TheBullCity May 16, 2007

    The idea that a 15 y.o. can commit a felony by taking a picture of a 13 year old is ridiculous. Throw the prosecutor in jail until he can work off my tax dollars he's wasting.

  • babyphatt May 16, 2007

    the newspaper states that the "victim" is a 13 year old,not a three year old. thank you so much to 2late its really appreciated

  • ERRN May 16, 2007

    How old was the victim? It probably would be a completely different view of this case depending on the age of the victim. Another 15 year old? Or a 3 year old little girl?

  • hefty-lefty May 16, 2007

    Have we forgotten the 'olden' days when boys put mirrors on their shoes?? Just a different set of tools available in this day and age

  • 2late May 16, 2007

    Thanks to babyphatt for the clarification...i agree with her that, in this case, the charges are way overblown, overboard and ridiculous..sorry it's happening to your family

  • who should judge May 16, 2007

    Here we go again, judging without knowing all of the facts. We are all entitled to our opinions, but remember they are just that. You have no idea what kind of home life he has. You are now not only bashing the young man, but bashing his family also. There are so many unanswered questions. What is the relationship of the person to him, the persons age, did he have the persons consent? Did he even take the pictures or were they sent to him. It is not above the relm of possibility that the police are making more of this than need be. If he did wrong than by all means he needs to be punished, but that is not for any one person to deceid. It is easy to sit on the outside and pass judgement. I can only hope that he is given an opportunity to tell his side before he is condemed. Again I pray that each one who has young children or other young family members never find themselves in a similar situation.

  • kaykay12 May 15, 2007

    Why is this a news story? the kid is probably already embarrassed enough and now it has to be broadcasted to the RDU area. It may not say his name, but obviously he knows it is about him. I'm sorry, but I dont think my day has improved by reading this; on to REAL news.

  • babyphatt May 15, 2007

    key point they were in his phone b/c they were sent to him by someone that is in his personal life. if that person sent them to him by their free will then he to obligated to erase them because obviously they wanted him to have them

  • thatgirlyeahher May 15, 2007

    You're right babyphat, we are entitled to our opinions as are you.
    Regardless of whether this boy actually took the pictures or received them, they were still in his phone. Honestly, I don't see why children need camera phones to start with, but that's just my opinion.
    We've all done/said/participated in things we probably aren't proud of. This could be a case of kids being kids or something more insidious. Let's wait to 'pass judgement' until all the facts are in.