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Man charged with molesting Cumberland youth

Posted January 28, 2013

— Cumberland County Sheriff’s Office detectives and agents with the National Park Service have arrested a student of the Oconoluftee Job Corps in Cherokee on molestation charges, authorities said Monday.

Christopher Griffith, 19, was taken into custody Friday on two counts of taking indecent liberties with a minor and one count each of first-degree statutory rape and first-degree statutory sex offense. He was being held in the Swain County jail pending extradition to Cumberland County.

An investigation began after the Cumberland County Sheriff's Office received a report that Griffith had met a juvenile online via Facebook and arranged to meet in person in Cumberland County, where authorities said the alleged crimes occurred.


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  • Glass Half Full Jan 29, 2013

    This 19 year old drove 7 hours from Cherokee to Spring Lake to have sex with a 12 year old girl according to the story in the Fayetteville Observer.

  • CraftyMo Jan 28, 2013

    Just curious...where does it say it was a female? All I have read so far indicates a minor. The charge of first-degree statutory rape indicates that he had sex with a minor under 13 years old. The police will be able to learn alot by the communications between the minor and the accused on their FB accounts. It is a shame that another young person has been a victim of a crime that will change their life forever.

  • lwe1967 Jan 28, 2013

    I agree with marciamal1!

  • lwe1967 Jan 28, 2013

    He's 19 and yes what is the age of the girl? Now's he will have to register if convicted as a sex offender! Still a lot of not thinking with the mind as opposed to other things!

  • LibertarianTechie Jan 28, 2013

    What age was the girl? What claims did she make?

  • reel4fun Jan 28, 2013

    @OleNCNative......racial bias because of age....Really....Racial Bias? Now we can play the race card because of age......give me a break.

  • drm19642000 Jan 28, 2013

    The other day there was a 18 y/o wral refered to as and adult. Now this 19 y/o is a teen?

  • Uhavenoclu Jan 28, 2013

    I bet the girl claimed she was older, or she looked older and he didn't think to ask. If that is the case, he should have checked for a license. Oh don't have one? Not interested. Simple as that. Many older fish in the sea. Now he is a sex offender for life. What a waste.

    It says Juvenile,it does not say male/female boy or girl?????.....Were they 17 that is considered a minor even if they are minutes away from becoming 18 and an adult?

  • marciamal1 Jan 28, 2013

    It's sad to think what these teens now a days do - from shooting to molesting - I am so thankful I was born/raised years ago - the times have truely changed!!

  • OleNCNative Jan 28, 2013

    OK, he's 19, and you're referring to him as a 'teen.' In other cases, you refer to 18 year olds as 'men.'

    There's a difference. Go with one or the other to avoid seeming to have a racial bias.