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Teen charged in high school bomb threats

Posted May 14, 2008

— A Rosewood High School student has been charged with making phony bomb threats against the school, authorities said Wednesday.

The unidentified 15-year-old has been charged with three counts of making a false bomb report.

Rosewood High received bomb threats in March, April and this month, forcing administrators to evacuate the building three times so authorities could search for possible explosives.

No explosives were found in any of the incidents. Investigators said the teen made the threats to get out of class.


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  • ThePhwner May 14, 2008

    iron fist, right on! I know you and I were debating the Durham story yesterday, but I could not agree with you more. My fiance is a teacher and I have had this exact conversation with her. There's nothing that will curb bad behavior like being paddled in front of all your friends and classmates.

  • iron fist May 14, 2008

    We never had a bomb threat when I went to school. Of Course then it was ok to get you back side beat. You know better. Teachers were allowed to spank, if I had gotten spanked in school my father would have doubled it when I got home. We knew right from wrong and did as were were told. No back talk, no disrepecting elders. I understand times have changed by in my opinion not always for the best.

  • ANGEL+3 May 14, 2008

    TRUE DAT MOMEEEEE..... 20 YRS AGO WE had them all the time, of course we had pep rallies all the time too. they only have 1 a yr now. we had lots of stuff they don't now and you wonder why they are calling in, I'd say, hecko yeah lets get out of class. school is not the fun it use to be....

  • dakota_loves_me May 14, 2008

    This teen should have thought about his/her actions before doing that. Not only could she have seriously put the school in danger, but they were phony calls. Ever heard of the boy who cried wolf? If someone does it again, are they going to believe them?

  • wjcspanteach May 14, 2008


    I must say, I agree with you 100%. My children will NOT have cell phones until they are in college -- AND CAN PAY FOR THEM THEMSELVES. It is sad when the students in a school have nicer phones and nicer cars than the teachers and administrators. The problem with kids is A) they don't want for anything, and B) they don't have any respect for anyone (because they aren't required to do so). Parents need to start doing their jobs and disciplining their kids -- that includes a little rear-end (edited) whooping when the situation calls.

  • ThePhwner May 14, 2008

    This is apparently a big problem at Vance County Schools too. They've even determined that most of the threats are coming from prepaid cellphones, yet they still allow students to carry the phones to school.

    I'm well aware that what I'm about to say is flame bait, but there is no earthly reason high school kids need cell phones at school. 90% of people alive today that are HS graduates did just fine without them.

  • momeeee May 14, 2008

    We had bomb threats all the time at my HS and that was 25 yrs ago!

  • Scubagirl May 14, 2008

    Just don't get what the parents of these kids are teaching at home....Granted maybe the parents aren't to blame but she sure needs a but- burning from them.

  • BeachBum08 May 14, 2008

    Now why would anyone in "Rosewood" do anything like that! I thought all them ppl were perfect! haha this is funny! Parents in Rosewood think their kids are perfect and it gets on my nerves that they all act like that they are better than everyone else! When i was in school Rosewood was our biggest rivalry and they played dirty! oh well