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Teen faces charges in fatal Rocky Mount wreck

Posted June 19, 2013
Updated June 20, 2013

— A 16-year-old Nash County girl faces charges in connection with a wreck last week that killed a Rocky Mount truck driver.

Jordan Anne Thomas, of 208 Regency Drive, Nashville, was charged Tuesday with misdemeanor death by motor vehicle and failure to yield in the June 10 death of David Warren Stone.

Stone, 71, was hauling building materials on U.S. Highway 301 Bypass in Rocky Mount when, according to a police report, Thomas entered the intersection to make a right turn and was hit by Stone's tractor-trailer. He then crashed into a bridge railing, which sent the truck cab over a bridge and into a rain-swollen creek.

The wreck report also shows that Stone was going the speed limit at the time and that Thomas had a teen passenger in her car.

"(We) are very, very sorry for what happened," Jordan Thomas' father, Eddie Thomas, said Wednesday. "It's been extremely tough on all of us and for Jordan."

Eddie Thomas said his family has been praying for the Stone family and called Stone a hero for his actions.

"He sacrificed himself to avoid hitting my daughter," he said. "Had he not done what he did, my daughter would have lost her life."

Jordan Thomas is a rising junior at Nash Central High School. A neighbor described her as a sweet girl who has been "devastated" by what happened.

A Stone family member said she and her family attended Stone's funeral Saturday and expressed sympathy for the wreck and that the family was very appreciative.

Stone was a 22-year veteran trucker for Estes Express Lines, family members said, and loved to play guitar and sing.

He leaves behind a wife, two sons and a grandson, in addition to several other family members.


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  • DaddysAngel27 Jun 21, 2013

    dwr1964- I understand what you are saying completely. She was at a red light and was making a right hand turn when she pulled out in front of David's rig. I don't understand the charges either but that's the law for ya. But, I do know that she and the teenage passenger that was with her did not leave the scene. Also, I do know that they have a provisional license until they are 18 and are not supposed to have anyone under the age of 18 in the vehicle with them. She is however either the daughter or granddaughter of a retired state trooper.

  • dwr1964 Jun 21, 2013

    Let's try this again. Why GOLO felt this was not within their "rules", I have no clue. No cursing, no threats, just a few simple questions.

    Why is this chick not being charged with more than the one charge? Certainly not because of her age. She had to go through more training than did I, just to be able to get her license. Driver's Ed didn't exist back in my day. How about failure to yield right of way? Why not failure to stop at a stop sign/light? Why not charge her with leaving the scene of an accident with GREAT bodily harm? Why is she, most likely, never going to see one day in jail? OHHHH...she is a "rising star". That is much more important than this little baby losing his/her grandfather. Put this chick in jail for a couple of years and require her to go through truck driver's training school, before ever being able to obtain a driver's license again.

  • HackerXJ23 Jun 20, 2013

    This intersection has a stop light & not a yield sign. There are two right lanes that allow two drivers to make a right turn onto HWY 301 at the same time at this intersection. This intersection is one of the busiest in the afternoon after 3:00pm and I've seen where many people will blantantly run the red light without stopping to make a right turn onto the HWY to avoid being stuck at the light for so long. A red light doesn't mean to yield. It's sad that this girl will have to deal with this for the rest of her life and most of the people that think they know what happened were not there, so it's only theories of what actually happened unless you actually saw it in person. To the people that says he could have swerved to avoid her, a big rig does not maneuver like a car and a hard enough swerve would cause it to jack-knife and that would have been much worse at that intersection the way its designed. A big rig doesn't stop on a dime like a car. My prayers goes out to both families.

  • dennis23 Jun 20, 2013

    I'm sure everyone reading this story has heard or made this remark, "I will be son glad when my kid gets their license so I want have to haul them back and forth to school or whatever". I have been through this a couple of times so I know how many trips a parent has to make especially if you have a kid that is involved with lots of school activities. If everyone was perfect like (juchushu) we would not have to be concerned with the driving age. Its not just young people that make mistakes while driving. Thank you (shelbybrown1003) for your reply to juchushu about the comment they made. It was way worse than rude and it just showed what an inmature person they are.

  • DaddysAngel27 Jun 20, 2013

    Yes, it was the girl's fault but she has been charged and has to deal with this for the rest of her life. So, leave her be. Age is not a factor. Adults drive horrible all the time. It was a tragic incident but it cannot be undone. My family will always miss David. He was a great man and a hero! My sympathy to both families....

  • JustOneGodLessThanU Jun 20, 2013

    paulej said, "The girl had a yield sign, right? That does not mean stop."

    Actually, a yield sign does mean "stop"...if anyone is coming.

    Drivers should be prepared to stop at yield signs to avoid accidents like this. Yield is NOT merge. Ask a cop. Read the Driver's Manual.

  • shelbybrown1003 Jun 20, 2013

    That was terribly rude, any person can make an unsafe move, I'm sure you have several times, every one makes mistakes granted yes this mistake ended in someone loosing a life but this is one case you don't see often when it comes to young drivers because she wasn't drunk, texting, or anything like she just made a mistake we were all 16 at once don't forget that. So stop being rude!!! It's very sad for both families..

  • juchushu Jun 20, 2013

    I hope that she has the conscious to live the rest of her life with the consequences of what her carelessness has caused.

  • Lucas Turner Jun 20, 2013

    So you want your 14, 15 and 16 year olds taking and mastering AP Calculus, Chemistry, Latin, Physics and competing at an all conference or all state level in football, baseball, track, being on the debating team, beta club, future business leaders or farmers of america club, raising livestock to show at the state fair, winning a gold medal, volunteering at the hospital, polling places and civic club recognitions and all these other activities that require maturity, judgment and intelligence but they are not old or mature enough to drive? Your comments about maturity and driving considering the other things your immature kids accomplish and and excel in makes little sense to me.

  • MonkeyFace Jun 20, 2013

    Well, seeing how the statement was said, I assumed that it was about driving. I think the more you let some one drive, the better they will be. And I mean that as in the parent actually taking the time to teach their child how to drive properly. Assumeing, that is, that the parent is a good driver themselves!