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Teen accused of assaulting handicapped person

Posted August 5, 2010
Updated August 9, 2010

— A New York teenager is accused of hitting a disabled Cary person in the face.

Leonard Davis Jackson, 17, is charged with assault on a handicapped person.

Jackson is accused of slapping the victim in the face several times on Wednesday, according to an arrest warrant.

The victim's mother described his injuries as "beaten beyond recognition."

Jackson was taken into custody and being held under a $3,000 bond.


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  • mystica131 Aug 6, 2010

    This story does not say what kind of disability the person has. I have a cousin who receives disability payments from the state. He is a complete jerk to everyone, including his wife, and when her brothers threaten him because of his behavior, he says, "Go ahead and hit me. I'll have you charged with assaulting a handicapped person." This story needs more facts.

  • what the........ Aug 6, 2010

    All of a sudden I have an urge to slap something. Where is he???slap,slap. slap, and for good measure "kick". Kick him to the curb!!!

  • blessedmomof2 Aug 6, 2010

    "Typical behavior by a another stupid monkey!!"

    If he is a stupid monkey, what does that make you???hmmmmm
    Shame on you for such a racist remark. I guess that is what the KKK teaches nowadays, huh? @ cgalloway10

  • mramorak Aug 6, 2010

    fishon got through with post because if racism

  • mchljam2 Aug 6, 2010

    very sad reflection on his parents or whom ever raised him!!

  • outback1967 Aug 6, 2010

    "come on people have you ever heard of innocent until proven guilty? the police probably got a hold of his DNA from the database and planted it on the victim. the police officer that charged him should be in jail."

    I need some of what you are on...just a small dose because I would not want to end up like you

  • twoods7 Aug 6, 2010

    fishon, you're a moron...

  • fishon Aug 6, 2010

    Surprised the redneck crew isn't in here screaming for him to get the death penalty yet.

    Death penalty! are u happy?

  • colliedave Aug 6, 2010

    Surprised the redneck crew isn't in here screaming for him to get the death penalty yet. Dr. Jones

    How did this comment get by the censors? Where did you obtain your degree? A cereal box? There are many reasoned and ration justications for the death penalty

  • NCStatePack Aug 6, 2010

    Maybe he was just telling him a joke. "What did the five fingers say to the face?"