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Teacher's assistant accused of selling heroin near Johnston high school

Posted September 5, 2012

— A Smithfield teacher's assistant accused of selling heroin near a Johnston County high school was arrested Wednesday on drug trafficking charges, the U.S. Attorney General's Office said Wednesday.

Winston Antonio Evans, 29, was indicted by a federal grand jury last week on four counts of knowingly and intentionally distributing heroin and one count of possession of a firearm.

Authorities said that the alleged offenses happened between Feb. 22 and March 15.

One of the accusations alleges that Evans distributed heroin either "in, on or within 1,000 feet" of Smithfield-Selma High School in Smithfield.

A Johnston County Schools spokeswoman said Evans was placed Wednesday on paid suspension from Smithfield-Selma, where he has worked since the district hired him in April 2008.

The district said no students or other staff members were involved in the case.


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  • torchhappysean Sep 6, 2012

    Smithfield-Selma has and will always have trouble untill the JoCo school board gets their heads out of the sand (or other dark places)and recognizes that there are major problems at that school instead of trying to desperately convince parents otherwise....

  • seven74215 Sep 6, 2012

    I'd be willing to bet that some of the ones this fellow in this article sold drugs to were students that go out there. Gangs walk the hallways of this school now. The teachers are scared to death to do anything to the students. Drugs are sold within the school and teachers turn a blind eye to it out of fear of what the student/gangs may do to them. I know these things because I have neighbors who recently took their child from there and placed her into private school because things have gotten so bad where drugs are concerned at this school. I've heard the same from friends who have children that have gone there in the past few years. I graduated from that High School 37 years ago. It was alot different then than it is now.

  • kimandwill89 Sep 6, 2012

    He is a poster child for everything wrong in our schools and country today.

  • bushido2298 Sep 6, 2012

    Give em a job and they still screw it up

  • linspace Sep 5, 2012

    TNB no surprise

  • piene2 Sep 5, 2012

    "Paid suspension...crazy! I have no other words...

    Did I miss it? Is the trial over? Has he been found guilty?

  • Relic Sep 5, 2012

    "Hey! You need pencils? Paper? Erasers? Heroin?...."

  • VT1994Hokie Sep 5, 2012

    No way he should still get paid.

  • monami Sep 5, 2012

    Paid suspension...crazy! I have no other words...

  • OneLove Sep 5, 2012

    They could have done background, credit and personal checks. and that does not guarantee he would have not done this anyhow. There's no way to predict future behavior.