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Teacher faces student sex charge

Posted March 4, 2009

— A Southern Wayne High School teacher has been charged with engaging in sexual activity with a student, authorities said Wednesday.

Shannon Grace Herring, 32, of 728 Sykes Road in Kinston, was charged with two counts of sexual activity with a student.

Southern Wayne High officials told investigators in November that they believed a teacher engaged in improper conduct with a student, authorities said.

The charges stem from alleged activity between Herring and a 17-year-old student off school property, authorities said.


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  • uncwgirl02 Mar 6, 2009

    I didn't want to say anything or comment, but reading these, I can't help myself. I know this person personally as well as the faculty and staff at the school. I also know that the student did not come forward with these charges, an adult with evidence did. So, no the student is not accusing her of something she didn't do to get back at her. There is evidence from other sources. Also, this story does NOT give all the facts. If you want to read additional information, go to www.newsargus.com. Even then, it's not all there. So, if you think she didn't do anything and this kid is just calling her out for nothing...newsflash: they can't fire and arrest someone based solely on a students accusations.

  • TB Mar 5, 2009

    Eduardo1: I am not at liberty to discuss. Obviously you have never heard of the expression: 'The Pen is Mightier than the Sword.' The Media can throw out a few scraps of information, and the unwise will run with it like a 100 yard touch down. The next thing you know, the runners have grouped together to form a witch hunt. The Media is all powerful, and that fact was recently proven when your President was elected. The Media elected him because certainly it was not based on his 73 days of experience. So the next time you catch a football, stop, think, and use some wisdom. You never know when you or one of your family members could be accused of something they did not do. It was a blessing the Duke Lacrosse player's family were financially able to hire the best lawyers to prove their innocence. Also, anger management has proven to be helpful to many.

  • cheyenne Mar 5, 2009

    The media has once again put the cart before the horse. From what I have read, there is no evidence that this teacher is guilty of anything at this point, yet her career and reputation are in serious jeopardy because of what some student has alleged. I agree with NCFG and PirateFan90, and so far this sounds like some kid who wants to retaliate against the teacher for some petty issue. Apparently there is no legal support from the school administration unless teachers pay expensive monthly dues. These teachers are like sitting ducks in a class room. The State of North Carolina doesn't have enough money to pay me to teach school, particularly in today's schools.

  • jlh4jdj Mar 4, 2009

    Eduardo1-So according to you we should not have a court system. I mean from a few paragraphs IN A NEWSPAPER you have her convicted. Where was your law degree from? I actually know this teacher and have had run ins with her, due to her be strict. Gee I wonder if that might be a reason? I mean I don't like her personality all that much but, that doesn't make her guilty. I still say it is people like you who care only about the gossip. Nothing has been proven other than a 17 year old student has made a charge against her. But you can give us facts on how the world looks from your view......I will stop there or my comment will be blocked.

  • jwstevens04 Mar 4, 2009

    This is about the 4th case in Wayne County in the last few weeks...what is going on?
    Again, I say, as a teacher, I do NOT understand the attraction of these 'teachers' to these 'children'....it's beyond me. we are there to TEACH them...nothing more, nothing less.

  • piratefan90 Mar 4, 2009

    NCFG-you are exactly right that students know that charging "sexual misconduct" is the way to ruin a teacher that has made them angry. Not in every case, but it does happen.

  • Eduardo1 Mar 4, 2009

    thebreeze2......WHAT FACTS DID THEY LEAVE OUT. You are correct. I did not see the GENDER of the 17 year old, I did not see if she did it with any other CHILDREN, I did not see how long she was RAPING this CHILD, I did not that she was thoughtful enough not to have the affair on school property. So breeze2..tell me, how the 32 was the victim of the CHILD, since you know here so well and is NOT GUILTY. Tell me why these predators can not have SEX, with adults instead of those we entrust them to protect our CHILDREN, our GRANDCHILDREN

  • woodrowboyd2 Mar 4, 2009


  • INDLS Mar 4, 2009

    I find it interesting that for some reason so many folks are ready to assume that it's the teacher who's in the wrong. Ever consider the possibility that the student may in some cases have it out for the teacher? What better way nowadays to rebel and "get back" at a teacher, or anyone else in a position of authority then to accuse them of sexual misconduct. I have the advantage of personally knowing this teacher and hope our justice system allows the truth to come out.

  • TB Mar 4, 2009

    Hello, First of all I know this teacher and her family. There is a multitude of facts that were not reported. She is the victim, certainly NOT the guilty party.