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Taste Test: Deep Fried Gummy Bears

Posted October 18, 2013

Are they ever going to run out of things to deep fry? The answer is, apparently, no. This year you'll find at the Gobblin' Gourmet a new offering: deep-fried gummy bears. They're $7, but I suggest you get a friend to chip in on the cost and help you eat this. Get two or three.

There are Fair foods that I call "Brag Foods," because most of the reason for eating them is so you can brag you did. This is definitely a brag food. At the same time it tastes good. It's just overwhelming and hard to eat.

So what they do is take a gummy bear and dip it in batter and deep fry it. It is not a small bear either, as you can see from the picture. After you get it (and about ten thousand napkins) I recommend eating it in the small grassy area near the exhibit halls, as there's a water fountain where you can clean up.

When you remove a bit of batter and try it, it tastes like really intense cherry pie. The edges of the gummy bear dissolve into the batter for extreme tastyness. The problem: the outer edges of the bear are all that dissolves. As you continue eating you'll discover a large chunk of solidified gummy bear in the middle, which looks like a Halloween exhibit.

All you are are given to consume this is a small plastic fork. I discovered other things would definitely come in handy:

- Patience
- A knife
- Friends
- No sense of restraint

If I were asked to make deep fried Gummi Bears, I think I would do it this way: cut the bear into six or eight parts, and batter and fry those. Then you'd have a chance of finishing it. Still, this is definitely a group food. I had someone to help me eat this and we didn't get far with it at all.

If you like cherry pie you will love this! But a change in the way it's prepared could make it much more enjoyable.


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