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Taste Test: Deep-Fried Girl Scout Cookies

Posted October 15, 2012

Remember that funky food row I mentioned a few blog posts ago? That's where you'll find the deep-fried Girl Scout cookies. Look for the giant banner at the top of the booth.

I had some hopes that you'd get your choice of cookies (I really wanted to try some deep-fried Thin Mints) but only one variety is available -- Caramel deLites. $5 got me three fried cookes drizzled with chocolate and covered with powdered sugar.

Sometimes when you get a deep-fried something, there's a huge amount of breading and then the fried item is mostly intact in the middle. If there's a temperature contrast between the batter and the item, that can add a pleasant dimension to the taste.

In the case of the Girl Scout cookies, the batter was fairly thin and the cookies weren't just warm, they were disintegrated in the middle of the batter. So it was less like eating a fried cookie than it was eating a warm blob of dough with melted caramel in the middle interspersed with coconut and random cookie bits.

Delicious is what I'm trying to stay. Extremely goopy, and with three cookies hard to share between two people, but delicious.

My favorite deep-fried thing is probably still the deep-fried HoHo, but this is a close second. Highly recommended. Now, if they only had some Thin Mints...


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  • karenmarie716 Oct 16, 2012

    LOVED these girl scout cookies! The description of how they are gooey with the bits of cookies and coconut are spot on! These are my favorite girl scout cookies anyway! Must try!!

  • free2speak Oct 16, 2012

    Thin mints are being served starting today!!!! Due to overwhelming request we made this happen. Also 4 per order now...

  • free2speak Oct 16, 2012

    They are now doing more per tray and understand they are working on getting thin mints to work. The chocolate would not hold to the cookie when they experimented hence no thin mints but I understand them to be working on making them work.

  • caniacman Oct 15, 2012

    one of the roasted corn, had it dipped in queso. That was my favorite! Never thought of it but will try that at home!

  • WinnieFan Oct 15, 2012

    I tried these yesterday, as well... delicious! That is my favorite girl scout cookie anyway, so I was thrilled. Though, I do agree, a Thin Mint would be delicious!

    I highly recommend the Deep Fried Little Debbie Swiss Rolls at the Chef's D'Lites stand. They are fantastic... warm devils food with the choc outer and cream completely melted. Probably my favorite deep fried item to-date.