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Taking Pride in the Nursery

Posted March 13, 2014

Baby on the way? Congratulations, whether it's your first or any number beyond that! Bringing new life into the world can be a really amazing experience, but there's also a lot to think about, from the mundane to the serious and life-changing. Handling the nursery setup and decoration falls somewhere along that scale, although where exactly is up to you: you need a space that's safe, warm, and comfortable for Baby, as well as functional for you to use in those critical first few years where your child will be dependent on you for everything.

You should think ahead and design a room that will evolve with your baby as she grows, but it's also worth thinking about how to add a little nice decor to the nursery for yourself and the baby now. After all, both of you will be spending a lot of time there, so you might as well have a nice view; and your aesthetics might not match those of an infant and young child! (You, for example, might be more inclined to enjoy neutral colors and restrained crown molding, while infants respond best to bright colors and bold shapes.)

Luckily, both of you can be satisfied in a nursery with a view. Like, speaking of ceilings, check out this built-up coffered ceiling a couple built in their nursery. The ceiling fits in with the decor of the rest of the house so the nursery blends aesthetically, it provides something calming and beautiful for parents and baby to look at, and it's just plain pretty! With colorful artwork on the walls, it can bridge the competing needs of parents who need a little visual relief and an infant who needs some serious stimulus to develop important neurological connections.

This roundup at Style Estate has some amazing ideas. I love the rooms done in charcoal walls with bright, sunny artwork, for example, adding a note of chic and combining it with baby-friendly art. The French country-inspired room is great too, for parents who love the French aesthetic but want a practical, fun take on it for living with a new infant.

Here's a fun, funky wall collage of things for a nursery that can stimulate a baby and add some interesting visuals for grownups, too. The author suggests this is for boys, but I say any gender can enjoy fun things on the wall!

Have a limited budget? You can still have a totally great space; no need to sacrifice when it comes to home decor with a nursery on a budget. There are tons of fantastic design options that won't cost you a ton, and many contractors understand that new parents are often stressed about money matters, so they're happy to work with you on creating your dream nursery, within your dream budget. 

And hey -- while you're remodeling your nursery, remember that safety is key. Make sure that your crib and other products haven't been subjected to recalls, and be sure to use nontoxic fabrics, furniture, paints, and other components, right down to the Orlando flooring. Infants and young children are extremely sensitive to environmental toxins, so give your baby's brain a good start in life!

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