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Swagbucks Swag Code Extravaganza today!

Posted July 13, 2016

Join the Swagbucks Swag Pop Extravaganza today, Wednesday, July 13 to score an extra 30 SB points throughout the day!

The 5th code is valid until 7 pm for 4 SB points!

The code is: PopSearch

Enter the code at HERE.

If you are new to Swagbucks, now is a great time to join. See below for a new member sign-up bonus.

Swag Scoops Swag Code Extravaganza

Swag Codes will be available on Wednesday, July 13 from 10 am EDT to 9 pm EDT

Spot 6 Swag Codes throughout the day worth a total of 30 SB

The Swag Codes will be posted in the following places (and here in the Comments section):

Team Challenge
Refer & Earn
Back To School Sale

The first code will be released on Wednesday at 10 am ET. Each code is usually valid for 1 hour after it is released. When each code becomes available, we will post the codes in the comments section for this post so you can find them easily. Once you see the code, just copy and paste it into the Swag Code box on their website, the SwagButton on your desktop or their Mobile App.

See all the details about the Extravaganza at HERE.

And remember, there is still a Team Challenge going on! It's not too late to join a team and earn even more bonus SB points. See the details at the link above.

New to Swagbucks?

If you don't know about Swagbucks yet, it's the largest rewards website that gives people free gift cards for the things they do online (searching, shopping, watching videos, playing games and more). You earn points called SB for online activities and then you can cash them in for gift cards to places like Amazon, Target, Walmart, CVS, Lowes, Starbucks, Paypal, Bass Pro Shops, Kohl's and so many more! It's free to join and I have earned a bunch of gift cards in the many years I have been a member.

How do you get these SB points? There are lots of ways.

* Search online: Each time you need to search for something online, use the Swagbucks search engine on their website (instead of Google). I actually have the Swagbucks toolbar installed on my desktop and it places a search box right on my screen making it super easy to search. Every once in a while, they award SB points just for doing the searches I used to do using Google.

* Take surveys on their website

* Answer the daily poll

* Watch videos through their website or multiple mobile apps (I earn about 80 - 100 SB a day doing this)

* Use their online shopping portal (I do most of my online shopping at major retailers who are part of the Swagbucks Shop and Earn program (like,, and more) and earn Swagbucks every time I shop. Just this week, I was credited with 562 SB points (worth $5.62 in gift cards) for an online purchase I made a few weeks ago.

* Play games

* Participate in special Swag Code events

* Enter the daily Swag Code (which we usually let you know about here on the blog each day). Swagbucks posts bonus codes on their Facebook, Twitter and blog pages each day. If you have the Swagbucks Mobile App, it will buzz when there is a new code. When the code becomes available each day, one of us posts it here on the blog so we can all get it. The codes are only valid for an hour usually. Once you get the code, you then copy and paste the code into the Swag Code box at the top of the homepage of Look for the circle with the words Swag Code next to it.

New member bonus Swagbucks sign-up code!

As I posted above, new members get a 70 SB bonus when you sign up HERE. To get the bonus SB points, click the text that reads "I have a sign up code" during registration and then enter the code: SMARTSHOPPER to get the bonus. Make sure you use all caps since it is case sensitive.

How I earn Swagbucks every day

Swagbucks can take up as little or as much time as you want. Most of the activities I chose to do are ones I can do passively while I am working because I don’t have a bunch of time to devote to it.

When you make your 1st Daily Goal you get an additional bonus and my goal each day is to reach my 1st goal. It’s usually between 90 and 105 SB per day. I usually don’t get enough SB in a day to make my 2nd goal. If you make your 1st goal all month long, you get an additional 300 SB at the beginning of the next month in addition to the daily goal bonus you make for each day you make your goal.

These are the activities I do every day and get about 100 SB each day doing them.

* Running videos on my phone through the Swagbucks App (you can earn up to 10 SB per day per app)

*Running videos through Watch on my desktop computer (you can earn something like 500 per day but I get about 50 - 70 per day)

* Take the Daily Poll for 1 SB (link is on the homepage on the left side)

* Go through the Daily Offers (NOSO offers) every day (2 SB). For NOSO, I just click More Deals to move on to the next one (unless I see one I want to sign up for). The link for NOSO is on the homepage on the left side.

*Enter the daily Swag Code for 2 – 4 SB each day. They usually post it on their Facebook page sometime between 12 noon and 7 pm on the hour. I have the Swagbucks app and it buzzes when there is a new code. EVen if I am not t my computer, I can enter it in the Swagbucks Mobile App and still get the points. Every Monday, the code is only available to enter in teh Mobile App.

* Before I shop online anywhere, I first go to Swagbucks Shop to see if they are a Swagbucks participating store. If so, I buy through the Swagbucks portal to earn SB points just by making purchases I already planned to make. I’ll be getting back 288 SB points in the next week from a purchase I made online a few weeks ago at Amazon. The stores I usually shop online through Swagbucks are Amazon, Kohl’s, Walmart, and Groupon. They have hundreds of different participating merchants from travel sites to retailers and more.

Some people have good luck with the surveys, which can pay out big SB points. I often get disqualified and I don’t really have extra time for taking surveys these days so I don't do them very often.

I also go to the Discover section when I have extra time to see if there are any offers I want to do in the Radium One, Trial Pay or OfferToro section. There are usually a few articles in the Radium One section that only require you to click on them to get the 1 SB. Those are usually ones that have Article or Therapy in the title like the Insulin Therapy one today or the Fighting Diabetes Article today. Most of them require too much time to click through all the screens to be worth my time. And the ones with a required Captcha at the end often don’t credit for me so I don’t do those anymore.

I hope that helps to get you started! Have fun and good luck!

This post contains affiliate links and I appreciate your using them!


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  • Faye Prosser -WRAL Smart Shopper Jul 13, 2016

    Thanks to everyone for posting codes and playing today!

  • Faye Prosser -WRAL Smart Shopper Jul 13, 2016

    Thanks ascherer!

  • jdouglas13 Jul 13, 2016

    Thanks Ascherer!

  • ascherer Jul 13, 2016

    PopcornThief for 6SB until 9 pm.

  • ascherer Jul 13, 2016

    That was odd. I just had an email in my SB inbox about joining the Swag-B-Q Team Challenge. Isn't that email a few days late?

  • ascherer Jul 13, 2016

    Sorry - I put down the time it started not ended. Faye is correct. Good till 7 pm.

  • ascherer Jul 13, 2016

    PopSearch is good until 6 for 4SB.

  • Faye Prosser -WRAL Smart Shopper Jul 13, 2016

    5th code is: PopSearch
    Enter it until 7 pm for 4 SB.

    That is a bummer Stephanie. :-( Hoping they get it worked out soon.

  • senglish27529 Jul 13, 2016

    Thanks for that info, Faye. I'm hobbling along with most of the apps, but the is absolutely non-functional at this time. For me, it's on a phone, and for DH, it's on a tablet (and I know SB says the apps aren't "optimized" for tablets, but it worked just fine until yesterday).

    Oh well....


  • Faye Prosser -WRAL Smart Shopper Jul 13, 2016

    beths - thank you for the code! I was getting my hair ungray and just got back. :-)

    Stephanie and jdouglas- it snuck up on me as well. They posted it on their blog 2 days ago but did not send the affiliates an e-mail notice about it like they usually do. Sorry I didn't give you any more warning. I will stalk their blog more. :-)

    And Stephanie - I have had trouble with mobile videos for a few days now. It will play 1 or 2 and then freeze. I uninstalled and reinstalled to no avail. I think it's an app glitch.