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SUV plunges into Johnston County river

Posted July 24, 2012
Updated July 25, 2012

— An SUV plunged into a river on Old Dam Road near Selma Tuesday afternoon as summer storms deluged roads with heavy rainfall, authorities said.

A 24-year-old woman, her mother and two toddlers were inside the SUV when it hydroplaned on a bridge, causing the driver to lose control, crash into a guardrail and land in the river.

No one was injured, but the vehicle was a total loss.

The state Highway Patrol reopened the road early Wednesday after state Department of Transportation ran safety checks on the bridge.

No other information was released.


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  • usocrazi Jul 26, 2012

    Wow...these comments! Unless you were there in the suv...how do some of you have enough info to make such statements?

    One tiny tidbit of info I wanted to pass on is that...on a hot day right when it very first starts raining..the oil from the asphalt and the barely wet road may be extremely slick...like ice. This affect goes away quickly and I don't know if it is also considered hydroplaning. I have experienced it just a couple of times in my 55 YO life.

  • storchheim Jul 25, 2012

    " We all know that most any bridge you get onto has a dip before and after it, which can throw a car in anything that isn't a dry condition..."

    Then the driver should have known too.

  • DontVote4LiarsCheatsOrThieves Jul 25, 2012

    Thank God they are all ok considering the conditions and the way the SUV just broke apart. A few more feet, and it would have been in the water. Shuddering to think what could have happened to those babies then.

  • promethazine codeine lover Jul 25, 2012


    Stating my experiences with hydroplaning doesn't make my statement unintelligent. What you could simply say is that you beg to differ and know people who haven't been charged. Why the insults?

  • promethazine codeine lover Jul 25, 2012

    @obamacare , re-read what i said.. everyone i know, i did not say everyone you know.

    And it doesn't matter anymore because this lady was charged like I figured would happen....

  • ladyblue Jul 25, 2012

    There are several causes for hydroplaning.
    1. Driving to fast in the rain.
    2. Water to deep on roadway.
    3. Tires to worn out to drive on. ( no tread wear left )
    4. Driving right after a long drought and the water brings the oil to the surface of the road causing the road to be slick.
    5. Turning your steering wheel to fast to make a turn in the rain.
    6. Improper air pressure in tires. 7. Wrong type of tires on car or truck.

    Read more: http://wiki.answers.com/Q/What_causes_hydroplaning#ixzz21eqWz0Hv

    research before you judge....

  • ladyblue Jul 25, 2012

    ot sure why comment isn't going through... All i said was this lady needs to be charged... Everyone I know who hydroplanes gets charged for reckless driving. Obviously shouldn't be speeding in heavy rain.

    and that is one of the most unintelligient statements on here. i personally know several people over my lifetime who have hydroplaned including an offier and they were not charged

  • ladyblue Jul 25, 2012

    thank goodness no one was injured here as it seems it took quite a plunge. glad to know it seems mom had those kids buckled in correctly, which saved them from serious injuries..

  • ripetomatoes Jul 25, 2012

    There are no speed limit signs on this road.

  • promethazine codeine lover Jul 25, 2012

    @jkrmeme thanks for that info.

    It's this lady's fault 100% for putting her mom, kids, and herself in danger.