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Suspicious passenger diverts New York-bound flight to RDU

Posted January 3, 2012

— An American Eagle flight bound for LaGuardia Airport in New York was diverted to Raleigh Durham International Airport Tuesday night after a man failed to claim two cellphones left in the plane's bathroom, said RDU spokeswoman Mindy Hamlin.

When the pilot landed at RDU, Hamlin said, he asked that the passenger be removed from the plane.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation and Transportation Security Administration were called in to investigate. They were questioning the man, whose name was not released, Tuesday night before deciding whether charges would be filed, Hamlin said.

The plane, which took off from Nashville, continued on to LaGuardia without the suspicious passenger on board.


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  • fayncmike Jan 5, 2012

    "I find flying incredibly boring so I usually spend the flight in the arms of Prince Valium. fayncmike

    Possibly no better way to fly, and a tiny window into fayncmike's life and logic is opened...

    Because I hate to fly if someone else is "driving" or because of Prince Valium? for short trips I borrow a friend's Cherokee. For long trips I'm afraid I have to go commercial. And as far as the Valium goes I do have a valid prescription for it.

  • luvstoQ Jan 4, 2012

    Yes, brmyspots, it does say after the man failed to claim the phones the pilot decided to divert the plane which means he knew the man did not claim the phones BEFORE diverting. I was just stating what I read in this article.

  • trianglerelic Jan 4, 2012

    Maybe he just REALLY didn't want to talk to his Wife / Boss... I'll dump my phone in the bathroom and they'll never know I was in the Florida Keys instead of being at the boring conference... Or maybe it's like that TV commercial where all the coworkers make fun of the guy for not having a smartphone... If I say I lost it on the plane, maybe I'll get a Smartphone to replace it... He he...

  • busyb97 Jan 4, 2012

    Were they really his phones??

  • See Chart Jan 4, 2012

    We also( while getting too smart here) have to remember that most
    freight carried on passenger aircraft in the hold,do not get screened. Somehow I too am missing this event as being dangerous and needing some fool arrested and the passengers upset.
    But then I know I was not on that flight.

  • GravyPig Jan 4, 2012

    "Last week a woman tried to board a flight with a cupcake she just purchased in an airport restaurant and it was confiscated by the TSA while she was at the gate after a flight crew member alerted them. A cupcake? Really?? They said it was because they couldn't attest that the frosting was really frosting and not an explosive."

    She was stopped at the TSA check point going into the terminal. Once inside, you can buy whatever you want once inside. You know the stuff the TSA bans....you can get that inside the checkpoint. Now if you step back outside security, the water you bought inside now has to be thrown out.

  • soyousay Jan 4, 2012

    yesterday, the usual people were posting that the guy (military, cleancut) should be left alone to carry his purlioned C4...but the guy with 2 cell phones is elicting hysterical reference to 9/11...

  • wownow Jan 4, 2012

    Why didnt he just claim them and be done with it??

  • readme Jan 4, 2012

    Easy for us to critize since we're not the people 30,000 feet in the air.

  • brmyspots Jan 4, 2012

    Well I believe YOUR TAKE allows for events such as those that occurred on 9/11 to happen... I'd rather be safe than sorry, sorry if that interrupted someone's time schedule!taxpayingcitizen

    Then you're part of the problem and not the solution. How exactly did "my take" permit what happened on 9/11??? How's the fishing in here? Catch many?