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Suspects steal from Apex town cars

Posted November 3, 2009

— Someone robbed 14 cars parked at an Apex public works facility Monday night, police Capt. Ann Stephens said.

The cars were all unlocked but were behind a fence. Stephens said the culprits crawled under the fence to enter the lot.

None of the cars was damaged, Stephens said. Among the missing items are tools, copper wire, climbing gear and weed eaters belonging to the town.


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  • areadriver Nov 3, 2009

    This has been happening all over town, but it only makes the news when it happens to the town.

  • RPD07 Nov 3, 2009

    iron fist has it right. You can not rob a car WRAL, it is burglary.

  • lizard Nov 3, 2009

    "if we would shut down all the pawn shops this would stop."

    Closing the pharmeceutical companies and drug stores would stop most drug use also.

  • iron fist Nov 3, 2009

    robbed 14 cars?? how do you rob a car. They took items from the cars they didn't rob the cars.

  • DeathRow-IFeelYourPain-NOT Nov 3, 2009

    sidecutter, I like your logic. People say give them a second chance. They got their second, third, and fourth chance when they didn't learn what momma and poppa taught them. You commit a crime, you must deal with whatever consequences comes along.

  • sidecutter Nov 3, 2009

    If you shot all the perpetrators it would stop quicker.

  • LuvLivingInCary Nov 3, 2009

    if we would shut down all the pawn shops this would stop.

  • Rolling Along Nov 3, 2009

    Lock the cars? But then you get to deal with damaged cars and broken windows. We have a business in Apex and have had the same problem with out service trucks. We do have video surveillance and of course the police recognized the clowns doing the break ins, they were on probation for....stealing things out of vehicles, imagine that!