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Man convicted in Raleigh store owner's 2011 shooting death

Posted July 21, 2014

Steven Cooley sits in a Wake County courtroom on July 8, 2014, during opening statements of his first-degree murder trial in the Dec. 2, 2011, death of  Majid Mohram.

— A man accused of killing the owner of a Raleigh tobacco store two years ago was convicted last week of first-degree murder.

Steven Marcel Cooley, 22, was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole in the Dec. 2, 2011, death of Majid Mohram, 39, who was shot in the chest during a robbery at M3 Tobacco on Calvary Drive.

Cooley was also convicted of robbery with a dangerous weapon and conspiracy to commit robbery with dangerous weapon in the case.


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  • JustOneGodLessThanU Jul 22, 2014

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    I'm glad that we agree that the death penalty is not a deterrent, because the evidence echoes this.

    As for your other point about killing people being for "retribution"... Wow. That's a primitive (childish) mindset that we need to evolve past. IMO. Besides, there are things worse than killing someone...like locking forever them in a 8' concrete cube cell and only feeding them through a slot. At least that way, people found innocent later (and there are plenty of cases) can be set free.

  • miseem Jul 22, 2014

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    The law is pretty clear that if you murder someone in the commission of another crime, you can be sentenced to death. Going armed into a store, brandishing your weapon, shows such utter disregard for human life that it should be considered premeditation. And generally, when a store owner is killed during a robbery, the criminal intended to leave no witnesses. On the other hand, if the only evidence was from jailhouse snitches, I'd be hard pressed to vote for the death penalty. I'm totally in favor of the death penalty when hard evidence is presented, and I really don't care how bad the crook's childhood was or how many drugs they were on. But there should be no doubt when voting for death.

  • Lightfoot3 Jul 22, 2014

    "He was around 19 at the time - old enough to get the death penalty. Why didn't he?" - salt of the earth

    Because we have a broken justice system.

  • Tom Smith Jul 22, 2014
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    who told you that we execute people to show other people that killing is wrong? of course that doesn't work! thats like saying we put people in prison to show others that breaking the law is wrong and now we expect you to not break the law! we execute people for retribution and to ensure that they never kill again and I am positive that it is 100% effective! I have never seen a dead guy kill anyone! except in the movie Ghost

  • Lightfoot3 Jul 22, 2014

    Not saying he's not guilty, but what was the evidence against him other than a couple of criminals testifying because of deals with the DA?

  • Joel Rado Jul 21, 2014
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    The violent, dangerous criminals must be removed from the streets.

  • Linda Kerns Kellogg Jul 21, 2014
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    I'm glad to see this. I had followed the original story when this poor working man was murdered, and hadn't realized the crime was solved.

  • JustOneGodLessThanU Jul 21, 2014

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    Maybe because the murder wasn't planned in advance?

    Or...maybe because killing people...to show that killing people is wrong...doesn't work.

  • Wacky_dood Jul 21, 2014

    He was around 19 at the time - old enough to get the death penalty. Why didn't he?