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Suspect in Toddler's Death Arrested in S.C.

Posted March 12, 2008

— South Carolina authorities have arrested a Fayetteville man in the beating death of a 1-year-old child over the weekend, authorities said Wednesday.

Marcus Dontell Miller, 32, of 2918 Dwelle Drive, Fayetteville, was arrested Tuesday in Greenville by the U.S. Marshal’s Fugitive Apprehension Team. Authorities charged him  with first-degree murder and felony child abuse. He was being held in Greenville awaiting extradition to Cumberland County.

The unidentified toddler was found dead Saturday morning, authorities said. An autopsy report from the State Medical Examiner’s Office determined the child died of blows to the head.

Miller was a recent boyfriend of the child’s mother, and she left the child in Miller’s care at his home last Friday while she went to work, authorities said.

Investigators said Miller disappeared before the mother awoke Saturday morning, and they said he took her keys, car, money and a cell phone.


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  • parr4246 Mar 12, 2008

    why do these stupid women continue to leave their innocent children with their boyfriends..........????

  • mewubbau Mar 12, 2008

    As a single mom, stories like this, reinforce why I am still a single mom. I'm not sure I could trust any grown man around my 11 year old daughter. Only her father and grandpa are ever alone with her. Sometimes it's hard to make decisions like the one this lady made. I don't think it was right, but if I didn't have my parents close by, I would have to make decisions similar to the one this lady made. Granted I am not in her situation, but I can't even fathom that I would leave my child home with a "recent boyfriend", your asking for trouble. So I'm not saying I would of done the same thing she did in this story, I wouldn't, but I can empathize with her.

  • Stephinnc Mar 12, 2008

    Doesn't matter how long the mother knew the man, no grown man should be beating on a one-year old child for no reason. ONE YEAR OLD

  • runorbike2 Mar 12, 2008

    OK all of you that don't advocate daycares.....Here is why! Being in the children's services profession, I have seen too many cases where the sorry *&&%& boyfriend was left in charge of a child and he beats the kid to death. It happens all of the time. For those who don't like your tax dollars going toward funding of daycare subsidy's, think about the kids who died under the hands of the "boyfriend". I don't mind my tax money going to this cause. (Yes, I pay full cost of daycare)

  • Dr. Dataclerk Mar 12, 2008

    It hard why anyone would beat a 1 year old child. But thats the weakness in the person. They would not, and cannot do that to a real man. I hope the courts. judge and jury give him life in prison without parole. My condolence to the family. Just know the child is in God's hand.

  • MISS OH BABY Mar 12, 2008

    OK... problem number one... why bring your "recent boyfriend" around your children who cant tell u whats going on... TWO... why is he at your house when you dont know him like that....THREE why are you so stupid and pressed over a man that you would put your children in their care WHEN YOU DONT KNOW THEM. BE SMART WOMEN... gracious... now your child is gone because u were so careless not to look before you leaped

  • mrsw Mar 12, 2008

    I do not want to sound mean but a "recent boyfriend" of the mothers? Sounds like she may not have known him very well to be leaving her child with him

  • Adelinthe Mar 12, 2008

    I simply cannot fathom someone beating a 1-year old to death. But then again, maybe I can. This might not happen so often were child-rearing and development training was required in schools. Those having or spending time with wee ones often have no idea what to expect of them, thereby leading to a child's injury or death.

    Are they worth nothing???

    Praying for wee ones everywhere. Praying this man understands what he's done and how wrong he was.

    God bless.

    Rev. RB