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Suspect in landlord shooting death was late on rent

Posted December 5, 2012

— A man who was fatally shot outside a Raleigh auto parts store last month went there to collect overdue rent from the tenant now accused in his death, according to court documents.

Investigators said Matthew Durwood Calton, 53, phoned his landlord, Jay Gould “Jody” Simmons, and asked to meet him in the parking lot of the Carquest at 2635 E. Millbrook Road on Nov. 23.

That’s where eyewitnesses said a man matching Calton’s description shot Simmons multiple times as the landlord sat in his white pickup truck outside the store. Security cameras also captured a gray Cadillac Eldorado, which was traced back to Calton, fleeing the scene.

Calton was arrested on a first-degree murder charge about six hours later, after exchanging gunfire with Raleigh police officers outside the Creedmoor Crossing Shopping Center. Investigators later determined it was Calton who made the anonymous 911 call that brought officers to the shopping center.

“When officers arrived on scene, they heard one gunshot,” investigators said in a search warrant.

Calton allegedly shot an officer in the arm before he was shot in the torso. The suspect was recovering at WakeMed until Monday, when he was transferred to jail.
Investigators said Simmons’ relatives confirmed that he left home that morning to

Calton, who rented a home from Simmons at 2604 King Circle in Raleigh.
Court documents said Calton was also seen inside the Carquest just before the shooting.

A search of the victim’s car turned up an incomplete payment receipt that bore Calton’s name, according to the warrant.


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  • HANS FOR PRESIDENT!!!!! JK Dec 6, 2012

    @workinghuman. My reading comprehension just fine. If you'll refer to my previous post you'll see your comment is followed by that of piene2. I referenced his/her "six gun packing" society in my comment, not anything of yours. Maybe you should slow your reading down to a speed that won't throw your own comprehension off so much. Stop jumping Piene2's six gun. :) Have a great day

  • delta29alpha Dec 6, 2012

    Rachel, I hope you are not serious, pay a person to live in the house? You do realize that the reason this property was purchased was probably to rent and make money. Without the profit motive there would be no apartments or rental property. That would mean that the only way for a person to have a place to live would be to buy their own home. So what would the millions of people who can't qualify for a mortgage, or those who are not looking for a permanent residence.You were just kidding ...right?

  • workinghuman33 Dec 5, 2012

    No gun=kill him with something else.Nauti-dog""

    would be promptly executed" workinghuman33"

    I actually used the word "executed" and as you plainly state in your posting "kill him with something else" both are one and the same. Where could you possibly get the idea that I am against guns? I firmly believe in our 2nd Amendment rights. SO either you decided to take my posting out of context or you possibly have some reading comprehension issues (not sure which). I also believe in our 1st Amendment which is a right I believe that piene2 is using. I'd be nice if you didn't decide what my thoughts are as far as guns or anything else for that matter, especially when I didn't post such.

  • oleguy Dec 5, 2012

    OOPs, my big mouth,,, Take the man to court??? You got to be kidding,,, It takes 6 Months to evict and the cost??? Your best bet is hope they just go away,,, You send papers to a renter you will be lucky they dont destroy your property, Once you start eviction you cannot even go to the property till they leave,, Had a friend start eviction,, when he finally was allowed on the house the renter had left a week earlier, stopped all the drains and turned the water on... A mess

  • HANS FOR PRESIDENT!!!!! JK Dec 5, 2012

    ".I'm sure the very last thing they expected when he went to meet a tenant late with his rent was that their loved one would be promptly executed. workinghuman33"

    I do not know why not. As we become more and more of a six shooter packing society this sort of thing will become more and more common.

    Enough with the six shooter stuff already. First, he used a SHOTGUN. Second, guns are here, there, and everywhere. Get over it. They'll always be here whether they're legal or not. Unless somebody picks it up and pulls the trigger they're as harmful as a rock laying on the ground, which could also kill someone. The existence of a gun had very little of anything to do with this man's decision to kill. No gun=kill him with something else.

  • oleguy Dec 5, 2012

    There was a time when??? I screen renters closer than ever,, and I have a Judge always close by...

  • determined2win Dec 5, 2012

    "Calton was arrested on a first-degree murder charge about six hours later, after exchanging gunfire with Raleigh police officers outside the Creedmoor Crossing Shopping Center. Investigators later determined it was Calton who made the anonymous 911 call that brought officers to the shopping center."

    Hmm... sounds like Calton KNEW that he was in trouble for committing murder & was aiming for a 'suicide by cop' situation.

  • workinghuman33 Dec 5, 2012

    Right, the shooter should not have to be responsible for how he lives or acts. The government should make sure he has everything he needs. Stupid Integritous Democracy!

    I see that the use sarcasm is completely lost on you .....geez lighten up! I do see however you took the first and slightest of opportunity to slam Democrats. Good job there...you must be so proud of yourself (that would be sarcasm). I dare say not one of those comments were meant to be serious. Although I will also say I doubt it is a normal mentally healthy human being that kills their landlord as opposed to asking for an extension on paying their late rent in.

  • rachel Dec 5, 2012

    welfare is a trap-"outlaw landlord tenant relationships"- an interesting concept-in some areas, when you own a home and you want someone to take care of it for you, keep it clean, mow the lawn, prune the shrubs etc- you hire a caretaker, who lives in the home and they receive a wage-they are not paying you for the privilege of living there, the owner pays them to maintain their property. However, when a small time person hopes to become a land baron, they buy up a bunch of small houses, and try to get people to live in them, pay their mortgage AND maintain their property, so they can buy more houses- I am very sorry for the victim in this case-I just have a very different view on the so called landlord/tenant situation

  • charmcclainlovesdogs2 Dec 5, 2012

    if the govt d

    The man should have paid his rent. The government does not have anything to do with someone not paying their rent on time. Nevertheless, he will be going to prison. Are you going to visit him or maybe write him while there?