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Suspect in Clayton bank break-ins arrested

Posted March 28, 2012

— Police said Wednesday that a man wanted in connection with smash-and-grab burglaries at two Clayton banks last month has been apprehended.

Tyrone Michael Brinkley, 43, of 471 Slate Top Road in Clayton, was arrested in Durham and faces two counts of felony breaking and entering and one count each of larceny and attempted larceny. He was being held in the Durham County jail under a $65,000 bond.

The doors of the KS Bank at 11591 U.S. Highway 70 Business and the Wells Fargo bank at 1405 Executive Drive were smashed in during the overnight hours of Feb. 16-17, police said. Security videos showed a man entering the two banks through the shattered doors and rummaging around for whatever could be stolen quickly.

Several hundred dollars in rolled coins was taken from the KS Bank, police said.


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  • burnstock99 Apr 3, 2012

    I live near this piece of you know what in a nice neighborhood where we've had some breakins of sheds and houses recently. We have always expected it came from someone nearby, in particular this house. At given time there are several men at this property who don't appear to work. For any authorities out there, please interrogate this fellow if he know's of any break ins at Opal Lane. Something tells me you just don't dive in to breaking in banks; you probably start off breaking in easier things like sheds or houses when no one is home.

  • not my real name Mar 30, 2012

    Throw away the key this time

  • Wolfheel Tarpack Mar 28, 2012

    WOW! Why should he get parole when he's habitual? It's not racial profiling when you committed a crime and you got caught. It's the poor decisions people make because they weren't taught any better and the punishment isn't harsh enough for prevention. Swift, harsh justice with no funny plea bargains would deter crime.

  • pm2 Mar 28, 2012

    Why only $65k that is a bond of $6500....and he is on parole!!!You better keep him locked up!

  • ladyblue Mar 28, 2012

    Good he robbed one about 100 yards from our building and the cops were here searching around us all day thinking he was hiding around here. glad they caught him he was slick....

  • working for deadbeats Mar 28, 2012


  • JPE Mar 28, 2012

    Have you seen this guy's rap sheet (at the NC DOC)? He wasn't "outside" for a month before he *allegedly* "broke" the bank.

  • Comfortably Numb Mar 28, 2012

    Come come, he's just had a rough life and and and...

  • SFSOLDIER Mar 28, 2012

    This is probably not his first rodeo. He's seen this picture before. They need to lock him up for a long time...before he turns violent and hurts someone in the process of a robbery.

  • map1agmachining Mar 28, 2012

    Two Thumbs up for LEO's on this case.