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Suspect arrested in Durham drive-by shooting

Posted December 8, 2011

— Police on Thursday arrested a Durham man in a drive-by shooting Monday that left one man dead and a second man wounded.

Dante Lamar Terrell, 21, of Crest Street, is charged with murder and assault with a deadly weapon with intent to kill.

Two men were walking on the 2800 block of Crest Street Monday afternoon when multiple shots were fired from a passing car, police said.

Nigel Scarlett, 25, of Webb Circle, was pronounced dead at the scene, and Kevin Maurice Davis, 26, of Price Avenue, was taken to Duke University Hospital.

A witness told WRAL News that a child getting off a school bus in the neighborhood found a handgun about three blocks from the shooting scene.

Police were awaiting tests results on the gun to confirm whether it was used in the shooting. Investigators have declined to comment on a possible motive.


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  • udaycoosay Dec 9, 2011

    The proper question to ask about Durham's alleged criminality is "Cui Bono?"

  • Rebelyell55 Dec 9, 2011

    Our justice system will remain the same, so long as people will tolerate the crimminals being set free instead of spending hughes sums of money for more prisons.

  • currenteventer Dec 9, 2011

    Hunter 38--

    They couldn't list his criminal history because there isn't one.....


  • davidbh61255 Dec 9, 2011

    Well as suspected you have some cultures that are progressive and some that are regressive trying to move back to tribalism and their roots.

  • dwntwnboy Dec 9, 2011

    "Typical liberal justice system"- why is it the "liberal" justice system? Seems to me part of the problem stems from the crazy maditory minimums that drug offenses get- crowding up the prisons and forcing the really dangerous ones back on the street while those dangerous druggies sit in a cell that a rapist should be in. The justice system is broken but to try and blame it on one side or the other is silly. We can learn from other nations but we refuse to do so at our own peril. The "war" on drugs has failed from day one- yet the "war" on REAL crime seems to have never started. Refocus the money.

  • Mark Hayes Dec 9, 2011

    Like to see the cost that crime in Durham has cost the taxpayers of that community and why they allow it to continue endlessly.

  • davidbh61255 Dec 9, 2011

    The streets in Durham carry out more justice than the honorable courthouse!

  • Scubagirl Dec 9, 2011

    At least he's old enough for any penalty they decide to hand down once he's convicted.

    Good job to the LEOs-one more off the streets, at least for the time being.

  • hunter38 Dec 9, 2011

    They couldn't include his criminal history in the story because it would take all day to type it. Bet he was already out on PROBATION when this happened. Typical liberal justice system, he'll probably get probation for this to.

  • same ole story Dec 9, 2011

    No surprises here. Just move along....