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Surveillance cameras helping keep downtown Fayetteville safe

Posted July 7, 2014

— Fayetteville's police chief says the police department plans to install 18 additional surveillance cameras throughout the city to help fight crime.

Ten closed-circuit cameras have already been installed in downtown Fayetteville to help direct officers to crimes in progress and to provide other useful information that could help investigators solve crimes or identify suspects or missing persons.

Officers control the cameras remotely from the Durham Police Department, and video is stores on the devices for 10 days before being overwritten.

Five of the cameras were donated by the Fayetteville Downtown Alliance, and five others were purchased with money from a $102,000 federal grant.

Chief Harold Medlock said the video is never made public unless it is needed to help solve a case.

He says the system has already proven useful in large crowds, including the Dogwood Festival in April when three cameras installed at Festival Park help officers break up a fight involving teenagers.

"Cameras were able to get right in there, identify the exact location, the descriptions of the young people, Medlock said. "We got in, broke it up and sent everyone on their way."

Medlock says the cameras won't stop or solve every crime, but that the surveillance system is just one more tool his department is using to help keep citizens safe.


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  • Jump1 Jul 9, 2014

    Why are the cameras controlled from the Durham PD?

  • hi61600 Jul 8, 2014

    The NRA will file a lawsuit soon for intimidating gun violence.

  • A person Jul 8, 2014

    Big Brother is watching because he makes you feel like you are not safe and need his protection. Fact is Big Brother is the thing you should be most scared of

  • 68_dodge_polara Jul 8, 2014

    Cameras don't prevent crimes they solve them. Which could than prevent crimes however because our justice system these days is a revolving door in the end they don't prevent crime.

  • disgusted2010 Jul 8, 2014

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    It must be OK because they do it in those gun free western european utopias that some posters hold up as god-like to us.

  • tobywilliamson1973 Jul 8, 2014

    Stymiendurham: I was wondering the same thing. If Durham PD is monotoring, then it will be a big delay in response time, don't ya think? I think the article was written as/by a daycare project.

  • tobywilliamson1973 Jul 8, 2014

    Unless these are monitored "live", then it will only give evidence of the crime, not prevent it. False sense of security people. It's up to you to stay safe.

  • Paul Donovan Jul 8, 2014
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    ACLU and the NAACP will be filing a lawsuit alleging invasion of privacy before long.

  • dirtydozen431 Jul 8, 2014

    Yeah right

  • Bill Gibson Jul 8, 2014
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    If we outsourced the surveillance to India, it might be even cheaper than using Durham Police to surveil Fayetteville streets. But, we also need to bus customers into downtown Fayetteville to make this profitable... and it would probably make more sense to put the cameras in our high crime neighborhoods, but they might be stolen there.