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Four Questions Every Bride Should Ask Her Baker

Posted August 8, 2013

You’re tying the knot and you need the perfect wedding cake. When shopping around for a bakery, like Sugarland in Chapel Hill and Raleigh, it is important to ask all of the right questions early in the process. Sugarland is dedicated to making your cake as special as possible and suggests asking these important questions when interviewing prospective bakers for your big day.

Question: Do you operate under Department of Agriculture or Department of Health rules?
Why you should ask this question: In the Triangle there are a lot of bakeries that operate under the North Carolina Department of Agriculture rules instead of North Carolina Health Department rules like Sugarland. The NC Department of Agriculture specifies that these establishments can only make non-hazardous low-moisture shelf-stable baked goods which means that they can’t make anything that has to stay in a refrigerator- no fresh fruit, no real cream cheese, etc. Not delicious.

Question: What is your plan B?
Why you should ask this question: North Carolina has an especially strong “Cake Lady” tradition. What this means is that there is only one person, often working out of her home, who is responsible for baking, decorating, and delivering your wedding cake. What happens then, if she gets sick, her kid breaks his leg playing soccer, or her power goes out the day before your wedding? Sugarland has 8 pastry chefs, 2 physical locations, and 4 delivery vehicles, so no matter what, you are getting your cake. If you wouldn’t buy your wedding dress from someone who sewed out of their house, why would you get your cake from someone who bakes out of their house?

Question: Do you offer complimentary cake tastings by appointment?
Why you should ask this question: Choosing a cake flavor can be one of the most fun parts of wedding planning. Attending a cake tasting is the best way to see what an actual slice of cake from your bakery looks like and try several popular options for your cake. Professional bakeries expect to offer regular complimentary tastings as a cost of doing business. If your baker offers limited tasting options, it can really put a damper on the whole experience and might make it more difficult to get what you really want.

Question: Who will take on the responsibility of transporting my wedding day masterpiece and is this included in the cost of my cake?
Why you should ask this question: Delivery to the venue is something that should be considered when ordering a cake. Some bakeries do not include free delivery, cake stands, and even set up in the price of your cake. Sugarland offers free 50 miles of delivery and a cake stand rental as part of their wedding packages and do not charge a set-up fee. A complementary anniversary tier is a nice added touch to wedding packages since freezer burn is not very tasty. It is important to double check with your baker that you aren’t going to be hit with any hidden fees.

Look for a bakery with more than one vehicle and more than one delivery person so you know that your cake is not one of several being rushed all over town to different venues. Know how your purse flies out of the passenger seat when you stop short? Imagine that with a van full of cake. Not to mention, what happens if their delivery vehicle gets a flat tire? Large bakeries like Sugarland have several, so they can always get your cake where it needs to go.

Sugarland bakes everything custom and fresh for brides and grooms - their classically trained pastry chefs and sugar artists take pride in their ability to make a spectacular cake. Check out Sugarland’s cake gallery online at (insert link) and contact them to book your free wedding or custom cake consultation.

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