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What is gelato?

Posted June 26, 2013

As the temperature rises outside, we tend to seek out frozen treats to cool off. Why not choose something that is magically creamy and intensely flavored with less than half the fat and calories of premium ice cream? Because it sounds too good to be true, right? Wrong! The refreshing dessert you are looking for is gelato - and you can find it in Chapel Hill at Sugarland or in Raleigh’s Cameron Village at the bakery’s second Triangle location that opened in 2012.

In Italian, gelato means “frozen”, which makes this cold treat perfect for satisfying your sweet tooth while trying to beat the heat. Gelato is not a new phenomenon, though - it has been around since the 1600s, allowing plenty of time to develop new flavors that embrace the basic Italian recipe.

Gelato vs. ice cream
Traditional Italian gelato is denser than American-style ice cream because it has less air, creating an intense flavor and density that makes those whimsical twirls possible. Air is introduced when ice cream is made, and the only way to produce the creamy texture is to add cream or fat.

Gelato is also served at about 12 degrees versus 10 below, which is the standard temperature for an American ice cream freezer. The warmer temperature brings out the flavor and aroma in the frozen treat.

For those worried about bikini season, gelato is a healthier alternative to ice cream. Made with milk instead of cream, gelato has less fat and calories than typical American ice cream. Plus, most fruit gelato is less than 90 calories per serving! Sugarland’s sorbettos are made with 75 percent fresh fruit by weight, and just a little sugar and water. It’s the perfect guiltless indulgence to satisfying any sweet tooth. Oversized portions and candy or cookie toppings add hundreds of calories to mix in ice creams and frozen yogurt. With the wide range of robust flavors on Sugarland’s gelato menu, toppings aren’t even necessary.

Sugarland’s authentic gelato
Sugarland has put their own “spin” on gelato in Chapel Hill and Raleigh. Their classically-trained gelato maestros studied the art of authentic artisanal gelato spinning in Italy and are certified “Masters of Gelato”. The local bakery even imported their gelato machines and cases from Italy to to ensure the highest quality and most authentic product. Sugarland serves a traditional Northern Italian style gelato that has a base of fresh local whole milk and pure cane sugar. A rainbow of beautiful twirling peaks fill the gelato bar everyday and with 24 flavors made daily from fresh ingredients, you’ll soon find yourself craving gelato all summer.

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