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Substitute teacher found not guilty of assault charge

Posted September 30, 2008
Updated October 1, 2008

— A former substitute teacher at a Clayton elementary school, accused of assaulting her own autistic child, has been found not guilty.

Anita Marie Dankin, 43, of Kenly, was charged with two counts of child abuse following the Dec. 8, 2006, incident.

Several faculty members told investigators that Dankin slammed her son's head against the floor and then kicked him.

Dankin was found guilty in district court last year, but her attorney appealed for a superior court trial. Following a trial last week, Dankin was found not guilty.

At the time of the alleged incident, she was working as a substitute teacher at East Clayton Elementary School. Johnston County school officials said Dankin is no longer approved to teach for the school system.


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  • DontBelieveTheHype Oct 1, 2008

    WRAL needs to learn the difference between assault and battery. Assault is threatening to inflict injury. Battery is actually inflicting injury. If she struck the kid, she'd be charged with battery.

  • gratefultoGOD Oct 1, 2008

    OK..more needs to be told.. or don;t tell it at all!!! She hit his head against a wall.. kicked him.... Then she was found guilty!... How NOT so..?????????????????????????????????DUH?? Yea.. get rid of her.. but what about her own child that lives with this abuse! DOes she have other kids???jMORE to the story!

  • mmafighterwife Oct 1, 2008

    You are right iron, there is more to the story!

  • yeah Oct 1, 2008

    She may have been trying to restrain him and it looked like something else. I have seen autistic children throw themselves violently to the floor or wall. I would say only the mother knows what happened but even she may not know exactly what was going on if the child was having a fit.

  • enoughsenough Oct 1, 2008

    What did the child do to make her that angry? Maybe he kicked her and called her a dirty name. My mom would have done more to me if that were the case.

  • iron fist Oct 1, 2008

    Great reporting from WRAL "partial news" report the whole story so we can understand why she was guilty in one trail and not guilty in another, was evidence withheld?

  • Tax Man Oct 1, 2008

    Need a little update here - like what the jury said after the trial. Could use a lot more facts on this. As a side point, why is she no longer qualified to teach? Imagine that is public record.

  • lilwil Oct 1, 2008

    Either the witnesses were lying; something is not right here.

  • Timbo Sep 30, 2008

    Apparently the witnesses weren't convincing.

  • validpoint Sep 30, 2008

    Does this child live with her? I certainly hope not.