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Study: Raleigh Bridges Rank Among Worst in State

Posted February 26, 2008

— Two Raleigh bridges again rank among the top 20 on AAA Carolinas' list of 100 substandard bridges in North Carolina.

The 47-year-old Interstate 440 bridge over Hillsborough Street, which ranks fourth, carries approximately 588,000 vehicles a week, but it's not an immediate safety problem for motorists, AAA Carolinas said.

Neither is the Pullen Road bridge, classified as structurally deficient, which ranked No. 14 on the list.

The I-440 bridge is classified as functionally obsolete, because it carries a larger volume of traffic than for which it was designed. It is part of a lane-widening project to be posted in 2009.

Both bridges have made the list for the past several years.

The worst two bridges on the list, according to the study, at the intersection of Interstates 40 Business and 85 Business in Guilford County and the I-40 Business span over South Main Street in Forsyth County.

According to AAA Carolinas, North Carolina ranks high nationally in its number of substandard bridges at 31 percent. Only nine states ranked worse and two others ranked the same.

Last year, the state Department of Transportation spent $67 million on bridge and structure maintenance and replaced 99 bridges at the cost of $200 million.

The DOT estimates that $350 million would be needed to meet all maintenance and repair needs and $2.5 billion would be needed to replace all substandard bridges.

AAA Carolina said each bridge in the state is inspected every two years. If it is in need of urgent repair, corrective action begins as soon as possible.


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  • 3forme Feb 26, 2008

    we are all to blame because we keep electing these folks...

  • APPMAN Feb 26, 2008

    Miketroll...last time I checked, there was no mention of which political party screwed up the roads in NC. I never went to troll school though, where I guess they taught you guys clues. Sorry.

  • Thornedwolf Feb 26, 2008

    I just find it funny how only one horrific incident was enough to make this news intresting. Doupt any one even gave it a secound thought before said incident.

  • Pineview Style Feb 26, 2008

    Well....So much for NC being the "Good Roads State."

  • The Fox Feb 26, 2008

    [DOT: Feel free to take the money you've earmarked for that awful, unwanted new bridge at Sunset Beach, and use it to repair the ones we already have!]
    I think the bridge length is longer than the island!

  • casp3r Feb 26, 2008

    Yet another cry baby speaking of irrelevant stuff. How is this getting thru all these great new moderators?

  • djackino Feb 26, 2008

    I-440 should have been widened from Wade Av. to I-40 ten or so years ago when the rest of that portion of the beltline was done. That bridge over Hillsboro St. is a disaster waiting to happen.

    And why isn't I-40 thru Cary eight lanes wide either? NCDOT is a joke

  • HockeyRules Feb 26, 2008

    "It is ok, no war stories on here to whine about so might as well make your own."

    Another self righteous post from the master of them.

  • WRAL is joe_dirt Feb 26, 2008

    Even this story has nothing to do with presidential politics, may I just add to this nonsense, neither party has effective leadership skills, especially if you're comparing one vs. the other. Democrats are just out of practice and the Repubixicans couldn't lead flies to Mr. Hanky (aka, Bush).

    Now on to the article, who or what performed the study on the bridges, AAA? Why not have them search for WMD's while they're at it.

  • miketroll3572 Feb 26, 2008

    Appman needs to get a BIG clue before he starts shoveling the mess that comes out of his mouth. We never had all these road problems until the Democrats came into office. Aparently you failed history in high school because you have absoulutely no CLUE.