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Students at Garner day care test free of lead poisoning

Posted September 12, 2011

— Test results show no instances of lead poisoning among children who attended a Garner day care where lead paint was present.

Ridoutt's Daycare Center, at 600 Saint Marys St., closed in July after an environmental inspection found lead paint in the infant and kitchen areas. It had been in business for more than 60 years.

The county initiated the investigation after a routine sanitation inspection in March uncovered flaking paint at the facility. 

Owners Chad and Candy Ridoutt were among the parents whose children had to be tested by the state health department. All of them got a clean bill of health.


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  • pinklady-1 Sep 13, 2011

    i went to ridoutt's for kindergarten when i was 4 & 5 years old...before kindergarten was part of public schools...my son was in daycare there and i worked there briefly 22 yrs ago...never had any kind of problems with my experiences with them...they are good people...hope they can recover from this...

  • miseem Sep 12, 2011

    If you are going to accuse a facility of causing illnesses in your child, at least pick the right symptoms. Colds, runny noses, etc are not signs of lead poisoning.

  • seholt Sep 12, 2011

    Let's see, Ridoutt's been in business since 1951, 60 years of providing daycare and afterschool activities for the children in the Garner area.How many children were cared for in this 60 year period. Lead paint was "banned" in 1978. Why did it take 33 years for this to be discovered on a routine inspection. I think we all know that it was because of a disgruntled ex-employee. If you recall the interview, She had worked there 9 years and thought there was a problem. Then she becomes pregnant and enrolls her child there. What does this say about her sense of responsibility to protect her child? Now that no children have been poisoned by this evil chemical what do the Ridoutt's do for their livihood? Their reputation has been damaged. What about daycare for the children they were caring for, the employees they employed?

  • uncfan89 Sep 12, 2011

    Don't know where some of you people get your information, but it takes very little lead dust or paint chips to poison a child. Children 6 years and under are at the greatest risk. Lead paint supposedly has a very sweet taste that is why children eat the paint chips.( I never have tried it but that is what I have always been told.) I didn't see where it was stated in this article, but who actually shut them down???

  • ggeg110 Sep 12, 2011

    60 years in childcare business with no problems, they will have no problem having parents return... I would highly recommend them.

  • Evolve Sep 12, 2011

    I also want to say I read some of the comments on the original story and found them amusing. People just 'had a feeling' something wasn't right there, and the kids were 'always sick'. So the facility was a little older and could have used some repairs- people from Cary probably would have frowned upon it. And the other thing- after having moved and had another day care to compare to- Ridoutt's called the parents at the slightest symptom of sickness. Whether or not this is good, I'm not sure, but you knew if you're child didn't feel well. Wow, some of the parents posting on the other article are going to be raising kids that think they're on a pedestal. Again, we had good experiences with Ridoutt's.

  • wa4dou Sep 12, 2011

    I'm not sure how much real danger lead in paint posed; it does often seem to be overblown. No paint today seems even remotely as good as lead based paint was. Those of us 40 and older lived in houses with lead based paint.

  • SmokeWagon Sep 12, 2011

    The notion that any kid would or could sit around and consume enough lead infused paint to do themselves harm (or anyone else for that matter) is an absolute crock of bull perpitrated on Americans for YEARS....Do you realize how many POUNDS yes POUNDS of paint would have to be eaten..?????? ANOTHER Al Gore type myth...!!! And THEN you have this type of sheep dip the the sheep spew:

    .."Vote republicans back into office and bring back the lead paint! RWS.."

  • hunter38 Sep 12, 2011

    Okay sleaze bag attorneys no lawsuits here...move on to the next free ride.

  • RWS Sep 12, 2011

    Vote republicans back into office and bring back the lead paint! Let business manufature however they want. You know they will do the right thing....huh?