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Student Threatens to Blow Up School Bus

Posted March 6, 2008

— A Panther Creek High School student was under investigation Thursday for plotting to blow up a school bus, police said.

Investigators said the unidentified student made the threat in front of other students after the school bus driver turned him in for shooting paint balls at the bus.

Several weapons, including an AK-47 automatic rifle, and ammunition were found inside the student's home, according to a search warrant.

Apex police said the firearms belonged to the student's parents.


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  • Justin T. Mar 7, 2008

    nascar33: good comment. My guess is that "automatic" being said by the media means "semi-automatic". Few would own a fully automatic gun since it is not very easy to keep centered on a target.

  • Harrison Bergeron Mar 7, 2008

    Gooseye, that just about sums it up.

  • Gooseye Mar 7, 2008

    I chalk up all this AK47 hysteria to 3 things.
    1-The negative portrayal of firearms on TV shows and in movies.
    2-Misinformation about firearms spread by the media/reporters that know little or nothing about the subject they're writing about.
    3-The mentality of the liberal enclave of NC known as the Triangle.

  • Lyle Mar 7, 2008

    "why would the average family need assault rifles in their home?"

    Good question......I like to consider my family somewhat above average, and we have assault rifles in our home. Handguns too. I also am fascinated with the "assault rifle" moniker. Any and every firearm can be construed as an "assault weapon" if it is turned on someone else. Just like an "assault vehicle" can be unleashed on an innocent person by a drunk driver or an "assault club" can be otherwise known as a baseball bat in the wrong hands. We have a lot of sick and twisted people all over this country and we aren't dealing with them as a problem, it's always the inanimate GUN that's the fiend. My family has the ability to level the playing field if my door gets kicked in. Ted Nugent for president!

  • snizzake Mar 7, 2008

    "Parents should absolutely be charged. The child simply needs to be removed immediately from the home. The guns should have been locked up."

    "AMEN, but owning an AK-47 is illegal, I believe. What kind of a parent would have one or think they need one. sigh

    One can only imagine the type of home this child was raised in, with at least one parent, maybe both, thinking they needed all these firearms.

    Praying for this misguided family and for the child they raised.

    God bless.

    Rev. RB"

    dataclerk and Rev. RB: you two are ridiculous! you don't have your facts straight and everyone can see how you two are so quick to judge innocent people in EVERY SINGLE STORY!! like many have already stated, AK-47's are NOT illegal and aren't inherently dangerous, the story does NOT say the guns weren't locked up, the parents have NOTHING to do with it as far as YOU know, and why should the child be removed? he just needs to be punished for being a stupid kid shooting at a school bus!

  • atozca Mar 7, 2008

    Why would they even report that these weapons were in the home? Do the police think the student meant to blow up the bus with a gun? Maybe they should report the prescription drugs, number of baseball bats in the home, oh, and does anyone in the home smoke? So the kid communicated a threat... deal with it as such.

  • atozca Mar 7, 2008

    We have guns, have the right to own guns and have taught our children how to handle guns properly. We also have a safe place to shoot with an impenetrable target. I am grateful that my children are knowledgeable of guns and aren't afraid of them.

    What we have taught our children is not to smart off with wild threats...let your yes be yes and your no be no.... say what you mean and mean what you say.

  • nascar33 Mar 7, 2008

    Actually it really doesn't matter if it was a full auto or not, full auto is legal too, just takes a federal registration and tax.

  • Harrison Bergeron Mar 7, 2008

    Good point as to if this was really an auto or not. Doesn't matter, name dropping the AK-47 was enough to instill FUD in the readership.

    Would it have evoked the same irrational and hysterical response if it was an AR15 instead? Probably not.

  • nascar33 Mar 7, 2008

    Geez people, an AK-47 is just another semi-automatic small caliber rifle just like hundreds of other rifles. People use them to target shoot, or hunt, or to collect. The media has made such a big deal bout that model that clueless people think there is something special about them. Read a little before putting your foot in your mouth.