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Student, teacher hurt in Roanoke Rapids High fight

Posted March 16, 2010

— A student and a teacher were injured Tuesday morning during a fight at Roanoke Rapids High School, police said.

Two female students were involved in an altercation, and one grabbed a broken bottle and cut the other on the neck, police said. A teacher trying to break up the fight was cut on the hand.

Ryshea Shakira Alston, 16, of 900 Henry Street, fled from the school and was arrested about an hour later, police said. She faces two charges of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and was being held in the Halifax County jail on $3,000 bond.


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  • lilmama39506 Mar 22, 2010

    Everyone on this blog seems to have already passed prejudgement on this child without knowing any facts. I sit here and read all the comments posted and it sickens me. I know this child and her family very well. And before you post comments you should know facts first. HollyHolly you have not a clue what went on she was never suspended from school for carrying a gun. Someone posted she was sexually abused, never that. She comes from a very loving and supportive family. I must admit I'm sorry Ryshea felt she had to take such drastic measures, but her family did try to reach out to the school administration to make someone aware of what was happening at this school. Remember there is always two sides to every story, so stop trying to judge this child when you know nothing at all.

  • w1will Mar 17, 2010

    A sign of the times. I graduated from RRHS in the early 90's and this sort of thing was unheard of. It USED to be a good school system. Since the demographic makeup of the student body has changed they have been going downhill. Many of these kids are attending the city schools because their parents are lying about their address in order to attend RR schools. They should be going to county schools...where they actually live. My two kids will be in private schools very soon.

  • nadiasaunt Mar 16, 2010

    In my opinion, this is sad for both the victim and the accused. It is sad that the victim had to endure such harm while attending school and the accused for being afflicted with so much pain that she needed to lash out this way. I have worked in many settings that have allowed me to interact with students ages 5-18. It has been my observation that aggression is learned and is oftened nurtured when there is lack of intervention. I currently reside in Halifax County and over the last month there has been 2 prior reports of guns being found on school property. It makes you wonder how easily it is for children to obtain weapons and the need for parents to inspect, observe, and communicate daily with their children about responsibility, accountability, and the purpose of attending school. I can not truly address the advantages/disadvantages of public or private school because it is my belief that values and morals are taught in the home and is carried out into the world; which enables us to

  • thought Mar 16, 2010

    I used to teach pre school years ago- time out was a joke- we even had teachers who rewarded kids for bad behavior. One parent who was a psycholigist- took the kids off time out saying it was hurtfull to kids- there is where the problem is. I now work with young single mothers who talk about the babies daddies and how they teach their kids to fight to be the tough one no one will mess with. We need to go back to teaching and no politics in the schools. We are losing money and teachers- I do not understand where the money is going- besides the too many overpaid administrators who don't have to try and teach.

  • ranquick Mar 16, 2010

    Both students need suspended from school and criminally charged

  • hollyhollyy Mar 16, 2010

    Thank you, lilshortyasusual.

    And yes, she brought the bottle to school to intentionally hurt that other girl. It was broken glass, not her first. It SHOULD be filed as attempt at murder. She had the same intentions last year when she brought the gun and knife. Why else would you bring a bottle, knife, or gun to school? They are ALL murder weapons. Agreed?

  • due_whats_right Mar 16, 2010

    Wow- a lot of clueless people and comments on here so let me enlighten you....This young lady sounds like she has issues. She could have been suspended for the remainder of the year last year and served on home hospital/bound (if she was special ed) complete testing, pass and move to the next grade. Many say send her to the alternative program. Well, what about the education, learning environment and safety in the alternative programs? Are you less of a teacher/administrator at an alternative school? There are rules there as well, it is not a free for all. You have to meet the same graduation and testing requirements as your base schools. So while everyone wants to ship her off to an ALT school, she will still be on tax payer dollars. I work at an ALT school and I am tired of people trying to dump all of these kids on us! Let's deal with the issues these kids have, mostly mental and emotional, and leave the teaching up to the schools!

  • gotsomesense Mar 16, 2010


    We don't always agree on the cops, but I admit I am right with you on this one. If I have to eat peanut butter and loaf bread my kid WILL NOT go to public school. And for the poster who said that every private school has at least one public school reject - that may be true, but private schools don't have any problems at all removing them at the first sign of trouble or taking them out back behind the woodshed if need be. The way a lot of public schools are, there is plenty of business at the private schools to take their place. I would sell my fairly new car and buy a beater if I had to so that my kid could go to private school. Short of turning off the lights or the water, I can't think of anything that I wouldn't do to ensure that my son stayed in private school - and if came to that, even then I'd look a second job first!

  • no contest Mar 16, 2010

    Where is William Barber and his crew now?

  • jimbo141 Mar 16, 2010

    and why am i not suprised?