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Student stabbed at Greenville high school

Posted February 11, 2013

— A Greenville high school student was arrested Monday after a fellow student was stabbed during a fight, police said.

Johnavan Quaddique Spell, 17, was charged with assault with a deadly weapon, carrying a concealed weapon and possession of a weapon on education property. He was being held in the Pitt County jail under a $25,000 bond.

Police said a J.H. Rose High School student was stabbed at the school at about 8:20 a.m. The assault grew out of a weekend dispute, they said.

The victim's name hasn't been released. Police said they don't think his injuries are life-threatening.


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  • dwr1964 Feb 12, 2013

    Tim McVeigh killed far more people than any mass shooter ever did using gasoline and fertilizer for example....junkmail5

    You do realize that your comment alone shows your level of education? There is a HUGE difference between gasoline and diesel fuel.

  • djofraleigh Feb 11, 2013

    Schools are safer today than forty years ago...stats say

  • flashyswife Feb 11, 2013

    I am so glad I moved out of that town!

  • Rebelyell55 Feb 11, 2013

    No schools are safe. They've never have been. But what I've seen happening more and more, is the age and type of violents. This I think come about by the age group that are allowed to stay in school. If you're 18 years old, in the 9th grade, that to me is a problem. I wouldn't want my child of 14 or 15 in a class with 17 and 18 year olds in the 9th grade. I really think that once a kid get to age 17 and will turn 18 before going into the 10th grade they should be put in a "special" school. Anyone who would be 20 or 21 or more years old before they graduate should not be in a regular school. I know that those who wish for a GED can go to alternate school. There is no reason for an 18 year old kid to be in a class of 15 and 15 years olds.

  • Eightball Feb 11, 2013

    "Another person that was not taught how to handle disputes with another"...seems to me that this is exactly the 'dispute management' norm nowdays...

  • wownow Feb 11, 2013

    The situation is BS. I hope the kid gets some good jail time. Its sad to say but kids can pick up weapons anywhere. Hell you can find a dang knife everywhere. Its not safe anywhere. If kids cant get guns they will find the next thing which will be a knife. I think metal detectors should be at everyschool. Those and patdowns.

  • sunshine1040 Feb 11, 2013

    Another person that was not taught how to handle disputes with another like an adult or a child. Sorry but its time for parents that MOM and Dad to start teaching their child right from wrong and not wait on a daycare worker or teacher to raise your child

  • junkmail5 Feb 11, 2013

    its not to say that we should allow him to just be allowed to go purchase an assult gun that can take out a whole class room in 10 seconds. - llf

    that gun fires bullets exactly as rapidly as most common pistols do.

    You might wanna learn a bit about guns before trying to discuss em.

  • 426X3 Feb 11, 2013

    Was that an Assualt Knife? Was a background check preformed before Spell was allowed to obtain it?

  • The Return of Roy Feb 11, 2013

    If one person wants to KILL A WHOLE CLASSROOM FULL OF KIDS, though, what "tool" do you think he'll choose?

    A chainsaw?