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Student reports rape on Duke campus

Posted May 17, 2010

— Duke University police on Monday were investigating a reported rape on campus.

A student called the campus police early Monday to report that she was sexually assaulted at the Central Campus Apartments by someone she met at a local nightclub, police said.

No other details were immediately available.


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  • Whatever Geez May 18, 2010

    smcallah: If I get in a car accident and a passenger of mine dies, would you tell me, "you shouldn't have driven your car." Or if I go to an ATM and get robbed, are you going to say, "you shouldn't go to an ATM?"

    Okay, first of all...this is not the story so what exactly is your point hun? Driving or going to an ATM is a little different than bringing home STRANGER from a CLUB.....good thought though! Congrats

  • Tax Man May 17, 2010

    Should have been packing heat - get that ccw permit and always carry your concealed weapon. Would have done the rapist good to have a few slugs in his Johnson and a woman not raped!

  • smcallah May 17, 2010

    @LoveSomeGolo: And that is exactly blaming the victim, at least for 50% of the crime. Just because someone makes a bad choice and has a crime committed on them doesn't change the crime. So why even mention "don't bring someone home you don't know" if you're not trying to blame the victim? The circumstances would be moot, assuming the crime happened.

    If I get in a car accident and a passenger of mine dies, would you tell me, "you shouldn't have driven your car." Or if I go to an ATM and get robbed, are you going to say, "you shouldn't go to an ATM?"

    Don't want to get raped, murdered, robbed, or injured? Don't leave the house. What great advice.

  • Whatever Geez May 17, 2010

    I didn't blame the victim...I just clearly said don't bring someone home from the club which was one of the last thing WRAL reported. I do not blame the victim; if she was truely raped than I feel for her.

  • kikinc May 17, 2010

    anneonymousone-Thank your for your honesty. I'm sorry for what you had to go through.

    Everyone else, stop being judgmental. Date rape happens MUCH more than it's reported. It doesn't matter if they had just met, or if they had known the person for a long time. It doesn't even matter if the woman is a willing participant until the last minute. NO MEANS NO. I think we're taught the meaning of no when we're all about, I don't know, a year old. Blaming the victim is an extremely cowardly thing to do. That could have been yourself, your mother, sister, daughter, etc.

  • babbleon May 17, 2010

    LoveSomeGolo and burch015: Quit blaming the victim. Blame the rapist.

    Anneonymousone, thank you for the accurate, factual response. I regret your ordeal.


  • Just Once May 17, 2010

    Don't bring people you don't know home PERIOD. There is an idea!

  • Myra May 17, 2010

    The one common thread about DUKE rape (sex assault) incidents is that the story will die and be forgotten until the next one. If it's horrific enough like Frank Lombard, (the case will be sent out of state to avoid focus on Duke U.) It's always about DUKE's image.

  • anneonymousone May 17, 2010

    Most people who are raped are attacked by someone they know. This does not make it any less a crime or any less horrific in its implications and its aftermath.

    I wish I didn't know. Thirty-one years later, hving been raped still has an effect on my life. I've done a lot of work, but it still interferes sometimes.

  • anneonymousone May 17, 2010

    There are false reports of rape; usually 2-3% of all reported rapes are later found to be unsubstantiated. That's the same statistic as for arson, murder, and other felonies.

    Young women of high school and college age are more likely to be raped than people in other age groups, and more rapes go unreported than any other crimes. To automatically assume the crime did not occur is a slap in the face to everyone--female or male, of any age--- who has been raped or who has survived one or more attempted rapes.