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Student found with gun at North Granville Middle

Posted October 6, 2010

— A North Granville Middle School student has been charged after school administrators found a gun at school, Granville County Schools officials said Thursday.

A tip led administrators to the weapon, which had one round of ammunition in backwards, officials said.

The unidentified student was turned over to the Granville County Sheriff's Office to face juvenile charges in the case.


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  • Fireflies Rock Oct 8, 2010

    This juvenile delinquent should be OUT of the public school, permanently. Let his parents deal with paying for his education, or home-schooling him. This is a MIDDLE SCHOOL kid, for Pete's sake. Scary. This could have had a tragic ending for innocent kids and teachers.

  • kt41 Oct 7, 2010

    I have children going there and have had to deal with the bully issue also.
    It's not fun.

    On another note I wish WRAL would get the name of our school correct. They made the same mistake last year when they did a story on a really great teacher at NGMS.

    It is NORTHERN, not North. If they can't get that simple fact correct, what else are they getting wrong?

  • GranvilleParent Oct 7, 2010

    First of all, the student did not bring the gun to defend himself. He is the bully. He brought the gun to threaten the students who he felt had him suspended a few weeks ago. Second, he was not turned over to the sheriff's department. The school could not reach the SRO (There is not one for that school) so they took the gun from the student and drove him home. The sheriff then had to go to the student's house and arrest him. I do not think you would take this so lightly if it was your child that he was using the gun to threaten.

  • give me no quarter Oct 6, 2010

    He/She will be back in someone's school district next year looking like "who done it".

  • BIGDAWGShouse Oct 6, 2010

    geosol your funny.....

  • geosol Oct 6, 2010

    See, we need more people to have more guns and have them everywhere we go. Its in the Constitution, right? Schoolkids, teachers, doctors, lawyers, librarians, jurors, mentally unstable people, everyone needs to have guns and lots of 'em! Some tanks and ICBMs are OK, too. Yee-haww!!!

  • keeprightexcepttopass Oct 6, 2010

    usnret: For the record, I knew you were being sarcastic. ;)

  • ranquick Oct 6, 2010

    The constitution doesn't say that you must be certain age, but it was if I am not mistaken to limit the law to those that could Bear Arms to be 21 for handguns ans 18 for long guns.

  • xsummachicax Oct 6, 2010

    Yes that is my comment. The Constitution may say we have a right to bear arms but the law states you have to be 18.

  • TexanGirl Oct 6, 2010

    Parents, please inspect your kids backpacks, pockets or what ever they take to school. My son just told me yesterday that two of his classmates (3rd grade) where suspended because one of them brought a knife. The other kid was suspended because he told the kid with the knife to kill his classmate because he did not liked her.