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Stuck at Home 2: 18 indoor activities to keep families busy

Posted February 12, 2014

Lemonade play dough

With people on staff with titles such as "director of play experience," I thought I'd hit up Marbles Kid Museum for some indoor activities that will keep all of us active while this combination of snow and ice comes down on us.

They were more than happy to help! These suggestions come from Maureen Holdsworth, that director of play experience; Diane Rokuskie, director of enrichment programs; and Pam Hartley, vice president of exhibits and education.

You might get a little messy, but these all sound like a blast!

1. Make an indoor obstacle course where kids can climb over, under, around and through objects.
2. Hold a bubble wrap stomp party.
3. Mix colors in an egg carton. Use food coloring to make red, blue and yellow water. With a medicine dropper, let the kids mix the colors to see what happens.
4. Load up a cookie sheet with shaving cream and let kids swirl it around for a fun sensory activity. Add drops of food coloring to see what happens.
5. Play hide and go seek with a stuffed animal (where you hide the animal, not yourself).
6. Pull out an old exercise video and do it together ... Dancin' to the Oldies, anyone?
7. Pull out the masking tape and create a spy “laser” challenge where the tape is a stand-in for the lasers. Tape up the floor or string the tape between cabinets or furniture so kids have to climb over, under and around it. 
8. Bring the snow inside, put it on cookie sheets and make mini snowmen.
9. Pick up cotton balls with anything but your hands. 
10. Following current events, create your own finger Olympics (where your fingers do the running, skiing, skating or hockey playing) with medals and all.
11. Put Post-it Notes on the coffee table with points on them and have a good old fashioned penny toss.
12. Make a fort
13. Bake cookies
14. Make homemade play dough (here's a recipe)
15. Enjoy pretend "cooking" play in kitchen sink or bathtub water
16. Freeze small toys in ice cube trays and chip them out
17. Make ice cube sculptures with salt and ice cubes
18. Build giant plastic cup towers and walls. Then, bust through!

Click here for cold weather science experiments offered by the Museum of Life and Science.


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  • Stacie Hagwood Feb 13, 2014
    user avatar

    When my kids were young, we had a brainstorming session where we made two columns: Inside and Outside. They listed as many things as they could possibly think of to do inside or outside and we put them on the list. Then when they couldn't think of anything to do, I sent them to the list and they could decide for themselves. "I am not your social director," I told them. It was great when they claimed to be bored.

  • busyb97 Feb 12, 2014

    Have Nerf guns? Have a shoot-out! You can either set up targets, if you want to keep it calm. Or just go all out and have a nerf battle throughout the house. :) We've done that many times with our kids and they love it! I did it last week when my son had a friend sleeping over. Shocked them, but they loved it! In fact, every time I went upstairs after that, they thought I was preparing an ambush (one time, my husband and I did just that).