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Stolen bag of cash returned to Durham Walmart

Posted July 7, 2011

— Someone returned a bag containing $36,000 in cash that had been stolen from a shopping cart outside a Walmart store, Durham police said Thursday.

Police spokeswoman Kammie Michaels said someone returned the bag of money to the store at 5450 New Hope Commons Drive Wednesday evening. The identity of the person who returned it wasn't released.

The owner told police that he had accidentally left the money bag in the cart Wednesday afternoon after loading his purchases in his car and driving away. When the man returned 15 minutes later, his bag and cash were gone.

Police said a man was seen taking an item from a shopping cart, then driving away in a red vehicle.


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  • smack Jul 11, 2011

    this is very sketchy. who walks around with $36k in cash just sitting in a bag in their shopping cart... even if you have that much cash why on earth would you just carry it around with you while you run errands. something isn't right here.

  • allisonmills Jul 8, 2011

    this story is really sketchy.

  • MudLife Jul 7, 2011

    what is someone doing with 36k in cash. I'd have that in the bank. If i was to carry it it would be in a backpack on my back so i wouldn't lose it. I don't see how you just misplace 36k cash. He should be glad it was returned but if it wasn't he got what he deserved. Leaving that kind of money around.

  • jamesthedoctor Jul 7, 2011

    Bravo to honesty. Durham: home to some of America's Most Indecisive people.

  • miketroll3572 Jul 7, 2011

    I love the 2 party sheep. Sold the same thing 2 different ways thinking they have a "choice". LOL WOW

    You keep posting the same old propaganda, stop using the liberal playbook and think for yourself for once. You just might learn something.

  • redant Jul 7, 2011

    good things ARE happening in Durham!!

  • oleguy Jul 7, 2011

    Reward of at least 3600.00 is in order, Good job to whom ever returned it,, I just wish I could say I would do the same,
    I think I would, I'm sure I could,
    Please dont try me!

  • concerncitizen Jul 7, 2011

    ha ha ha ha

  • Follow_The_Money27617 Jul 7, 2011

    @Meeper...really!! Did you check the state of the country before he took office!! It was previously jacked up from Bush so he (Obama) cant take all the blame.
    July 7, 2011 3:29 p.m.
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    They miss Bush after $400 BILLION in Medicare, 2 wars funded by China, $300 checks to EVERY working American when 50% dont even pay Fed taxes, TARP, nothing on the border. YEP sounds like Obama is finishing what Bush started. Weird you miss Bush though. I love the 2 party sheep. Sold the same thing 2 different ways thinking they have a "choice". LOL WOW

  • Follow_The_Money27617 Jul 7, 2011

    ProudSingleBlackMother...somehow there is no doubt in my mind that you would have spent it on new rims. I'm sure your SingleBlackChildren would have so Proud of you.
    Sez Me
    GOLO member since January 5, 2009
    July 7, 2011 3:00 p.m.
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    What would you have bought? A new trailor?