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Stepmother of boy who died tied to tree released on bond

Posted March 11, 2009

— A woman charged with murder in the death of her 13-year-old stepson, who died last June after being tied to a tree overnight, has been released on bond, authorities said.

Sandra McMillan posted a $200,000 bond Monday. She pleaded not guilty in January to first-degree murder, felony child abuse, aiding and abetting murder and aiding and abetting felony child abuse.

McMillan and her husband, Brice, are accused of tying up Tyler McMillan overnight last June for being disobedient. The teen also was tied to the tree the next night, and Sandra McMillan found him unresponsive the following afternoon.

An autopsy determined Tyler McMillan died of dehydration and heat stroke.

Superior Court Judge Milton Fitch ordered that Sandra McMillan must live with her cousin in Cary and wear a monitoring device. She also wouldn't be able to have any contact with her daughter, who lives in Florida with her grandparents, aside from a specified number of phone calls that the grandparents would monitor.

Brice McMillan remains in the Edgecombe County Jail with no bond.


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  • maddiesmom972 Mar 12, 2009

    I agree tie her to a tree. People in my area know her... and his family. They all say he was never the same after he met this woman - she was very controlling with him and his child. However her child never did ANYTHING wrong and was certainly never tied to a tree - I think she is guilty of murder and I think he is guilty of being the BIG P word making him guilty of his sons death too. Dont doing something to stop this crime is just as bad as commiting it. Poor boy...I can only imagine he died wondering what he had done to deserve this and wondering how his own daddy could betray him...hopefully, he is with his mama now...

  • parr4246 Mar 12, 2009

    "Superior Court Judge Milton Fitch ordered that Sandra McMillan must live with her cousin in Cary and wear a monitoring device."

    I bet the cousins neighbors are really excited about the new addition to the neighborhood.............!!!

  • lucky22 Mar 12, 2009

    This woman should not be out of jail. Where's the justice.

  • Boo Mar 12, 2009

    I can't believe the State of North Carolina would let this woman out on bond. Why didn't they just tie her to a tree while she's awaiting trial. Oh, I know, it would be against her constitutional rights - her stepson on the other hand had no rights What a system we have.

  • texasncgirl Mar 12, 2009

    THROW HER BACK IN JAIL! That is the ONLY place that she needs to be. Guess the only consolation for us is that she will have to meet her maker and answer for her sins.

  • SilverWolf Mar 12, 2009

    The abused wife things is getting old. Men and women are exactly the same. A woman is not less violent because she is a woman and a man is not more violent because he is a man. The state of North Carolina has this assumption that all men are evil and all women are good. Both of the parents in this story are equally accountable for this poor boys death. Equally!!! I don't care if the man beat her half to death nightly...she is still responsible for her own actions just as the man is. Because a man was beaten as a child does not forgive his crimes as an adult. The same should be true for a woman. Just because she is beaten doesn't give her the right to commit crimes against another human. Those of you who seem to think so need to rethink your values.

  • Scubagirl Mar 12, 2009

    Why did she even get bond? Seems to me I recall that she was the instigator of this and hubby/dad went along. Both were wrong, both caused the childs death, both should still be in jail.

  • raggy831 Mar 12, 2009

    I don't think she should be out on bond! The only good thing about this is that it will save the state a little money,(not getting every thing for free) Glad that she will not be able to see her daughter.

  • TStills Mar 12, 2009

    Amazed she was able to post bond. Thats a lot of crystal meth to sell....

  • in2horses Mar 12, 2009

    This is wrong.....