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Stepfather pleads guilty to strangling teen

Posted March 23, 2009
Updated December 10, 2009

— The stepfather of a Northern High School student pleaded guilty Thursday to strangling the girl in March.

The beaten and burned body of Mylin Bullock, 16, was found in a dirt parking lot off Old Oxford and Snow Hill roads on March 21.

Jeffrey H. Gist, 33, of Durham, pleaded guilty to second-degree murder in Bullock's death. He told investigators that he had strangled his stepdaughter, put her body in a Dodge Stratus and drove to some woods, where he dumped the body.

Gist was sentenced to 18 to 23 years in prison.


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  • idgie92 Mar 24, 2009

    I cannot believe the ignorance and audacity of some people who think they have the right to judge someone they've never met. God help you should the tables ever be turned... I know this mother and love her dearly. She works harder and shows more kindness and compassion towards total strangers than most people show towards their closest family and friends. This is a tragedy beyond measure, and I want her to know that her 6CH family is behind her 110%!!!!!

  • haggis basher Mar 24, 2009

    ""I personally cannot imagine how a mother or grandfather could survive this without faith. That is everyones problem today. No faith."
    People survive or don't survive this sort of thing all the time with or without faith. Some have the strength to be able to take this without the crutch of religion others it destroys them irregardless of what they believed before the nightmare began. For many, this sort of thing ends their faith and understandably so.

  • haggis basher Mar 24, 2009

    "Not here. Open a new blog for your religious comments.
    This is for comments of those supporting the grieving family of this beautiful child. God bless."
    Rev. firstly its not your place to say what a blog is or is not for...and secondly, don't you see the irony of your last statement?

  • haggis basher Mar 24, 2009

    "Why we have trials for those who have confessed is beyond me."
    Because people often confess to things they did not do. They may be weak minded, insane or trying to protect someone else.

  • pysaunders Mar 24, 2009

    I know we live n a nation of free speech,but after some of the ignorant,asinine,judgmental comments blaming this wonderful,hardworking mom,maybe some of these people's right 2 free speech should B revoked.First of all,where is ur compassion for this mother who is going thru the most horrific thing she will ever have 2 endure.Secondly,how dare any of U criticize/analyze a situation U know nothing about.What gives U the right 2 judge someone U dont know?I guess UR so eager 4 sensationalized news it doesnt matter what U say even in the face of tragedy!UR probably wondering Y I referred to her in the manner I did-thats becuz thats EXACTLY WHO SHE IS-I should know,I work w/her,have been to dinner&the movies w/her.She is MY FRIEND.She is one of the most dedicated moms Ive ever met&would have never knowingly put her children n harms way.So unless U have facts the rest of us R not privy to,plze keep ur comments 2 urself&spare us from seeing how ignorant&unsympathetic U R!JB we R here 4U!Luv6CH

  • anneonymousone Mar 24, 2009

    CrewMax, I would guess that the two men who found her were asked to stage a fishing scene while the cameras rolled. They were obviously rattled and very articulate about that fact. They didn't harm the young woman, they found her and called for help.

    For all the people who are blaming everyone but the man who has confessed to the murder, please think again. If you wouldn't say it aloud to the face of Mylin Bullock's mother or grandfather, please don't say it here.

    Many people, including parents or step-parents, can seem to be decent people until they commit a horrendous crime of some sort. There are not always warning signs.

  • Drakula_I_G Mar 23, 2009

    Argue over which high school, strangle the child. :-(
    Yeah that's way to handle it.
    He needs the needle!

  • watvr Mar 23, 2009

    To all of you posters coming down on the mother in this tragedy well before any facts have come out, please go away. Your ignorance of both this case and life in general is really coming out and turning GOLO into a Jerry Springer like affair. Please leave your computer for a moment and go outside and get a life. Once that is done, I am sure that you will soon realize all of the knowledge you love to write in this safe/anonymous setting means very little in the real world and your importance as person is probably on the same level.

    Please pray for this woman and her family, and if you don't like something, get off the computer and go do something about it instead of spreading myths and accusations here. It is tiresome. That poor child....

  • nonemeant Mar 23, 2009

    I don't care what you say. This man admitedly did not kill this girl over an argument about which high school to attend. I believe the grandfather has it right. The stepfather was probably fearful this young lady was about to get him sent to jail. He did not take time to think his rash action will assure him a much much more time out of the light of a free day.
    The mother is absolutely not to blame; she just trusted the wrong man to marry. She isn't the first and she sad to say, she won't be the last.

  • Deb1003 Mar 23, 2009

    It's the stepfather that murdered this young woman. He's the guilty one, not the mother or the grandfather, and certainly not the victim!