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Stem Woman Wins $1M in Lottery

Posted March 19, 2008

— A Stem woman has claimed a $1 million prize in the North Carolina Education Lottery's "$100 Million Cash Spectacular" contest, officials said Wednesday.

Sherese Daley bought a ticket in the game and won $15, and she used part of her winnings to buy another ticket, officials said. That second $10 ticket turned out to be a $1 million winner.

Daley, a restaurant manager, is the fifth $1 million winner in the game. Others live in Farmville, Pfafftown, Charlotte and Burlington. Five more $1 million top prizes are still available in the game.

Daley already received her first annuity payment of $50,000, minus taxes, and she will receive a payment every February for the next 19 years, officials said.


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  • gto77 Mar 20, 2008

    She gets $34,375 a year for 20ys which means she won $687,500 afetr all taxes are taken out...$312,500 in taxes...25% FED..7% State...That's more then she had....

  • foetine Mar 20, 2008

    so the state adjusts for inflation, which odds are will all be gobbled up by higher taxes. The basic fact is that this woman did not win anything close to a million dollars, but the lottery folks want to push their demon games by maximizing greed and devaluing truth

  • enigma1469 Mar 20, 2008

    No maybe Stem can afford to put some gas in their police car.

  • Mom of two Mar 20, 2008

    Congrats, spend wisely.

  • TheAdmiral Mar 20, 2008

    "50k a year will not be the same 19 years from now. Why let the state earn the interest. "

    On the back of your lottery tickets, if you so cared to read them, it specifically states that it adjusts for inflation.

  • TheAdmiral Mar 20, 2008

    Wholly Cow - she can buy the town of Stem!

  • Rob Mar 20, 2008

    The lump sum option, when applicable, only leaves a couple hundred thousand after taxes. The million accounts for devaluation over the years and the lump sump penalizes you by much more than projected inflation. The "House" does much better here than at any casino, race track, etc. The "education" thing is a joke - it's just a big pool of money from which crooked officials embezzle.

  • foetine Mar 20, 2008

    Notice that the lottery folks don't want you to know how much of a bite the Fed and state taxes take from the $50K. If it's like any other lottery winning, she's lucky to pull in $25K. This is a nice little bonus, but in no way will these instant millionaire be able to quit their jobs and life a cushy life. However since the lottery folks go out of their way to promote their names and addresses, these folks are going to get overwhelmed by investments schemes, scam artists and relatives who want a little handout from their rich lottery winning relative. Good to see our NC Education Lottery is the biggest scammers of them all by promising Instant Millionaires.

  • Redd Mar 20, 2008

    I love to see the money go to people who need it, not people rich already!

  • SuperNupe Mar 20, 2008

    Congratulations to this lady! I hope she reviews some lump sum options, and invest it wisely...