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Statewide health campaign hopes to end antibiotic abuse in NC

Posted November 20, 2014

The Centers for Disease Control set antibiotic abuse and misuse as a national public health priority, so a new statewide campaign created a web site and videos to raise awareness.

The Get Smart About Antibiotics campaign encourages patients to talk to their doctors about the best approach to care, said Julie Henry with the North Carolina Hospital Association.

A cold, the flu, bronchitis and many runny noses, ear aches and sore throats are caused by viruses.

If it's viral, antibiotics won't work.

Taking antibiotics when unnecessary is a problem because it helps bacteria become resistant, so when you really need antibiotics, they may not work.

Also, keep in mind that guidelines recommend waiting a few days to give the body's immune system a chance to do its work before resorting to antibiotics.

Wait a few days for your immune system to kill the bacteria, use an over the counter humidifier and drink warm liquids such as chicken soup.

About 90 hospitals across the state are developing antibiotic stewardship programs to take a closer look at how they use the medications.

For more information about the Get Smart About Antibiotics campaign visit its website.


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