State slips in key business ranking

Posted November 4, 2013

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— Gov. Pat McCrory likes to talk about competing against South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley for jobs. He may want to start substituting Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal instead. 

After leading Site Selection magazine's 2012 state business climate rankings, North Carolina dropped to second place in 2013. Georgia took over the first-place spot, rising from fourth place in 2012. South Carolina came in seventh.

North Carolina has led the annual rankings for 10 of the past 12 years.

The article that accompanies the rankings specifically cites Georgia's economic development efforts, logistics infrastructure and low energy costs.

The magazine's annual ranking reflects a survey of the nation's top corporate site selectors and corporate real estate executives.

According to the magazine, the executives surveyed said their most important 2013 criterion was the state's existing workforce. Second most important was transportation infrastructure. State and local taxes were third on the list. 

Permitting and regulatory procedures, often blamed by state leaders for North Carolina's high jobless rate, ranked only sixth on the list of criteria in 2013. And incentives, often lauded as crucial for job recruitment, ranked only seventh.


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  • miseem Nov 5, 2013

    Taxes were third on the list. Trained, available workforce was first (of course, the NCGA is working on increasing that "available" part). Seems like in some people's minds low taxes and low spending on education have a direct correlation - have lower taxes, get more business. Spend less on education, get a better trained workforce. I think there is something missing in that assumption. Besides, it seems that those "high" corporate taxes didn't keep NC out of the first place slot for 10 out of 12 years, so maybe they were not as onerous as many people claim.

  • Justic4All Nov 5, 2013

    Yup, boys and girls keep pushing to tax the corporations. It makes them just want to hug NC all over. I know your plan it to keep trying to bring them to NC impossibly palatable for corporations so we wont have jobs, unemployment will sky rocket, people will leave. This will enable the state of NC to return to Andy of Mayberry status in mind and spirit. You've heard of ghost towns? NC will be a ghost state. Then all of the hagelling and positioning will be for naught, a mute point since while all the little minded people carry on the way they do around here, the intended audience, (job creators), will simply pick up and leave. No desire to deal will such a juvenile mindset that exists and is being developed in the place.

  • Krimson Nov 5, 2013

    I would have thought the recent changes made by the GA would have increased our lead as #1... Guess not...

  • beaupeep Nov 5, 2013

    "Its not #2 in the nation. Its #2 in the southeast. Thanks PatArt." - stormwaterguy

    Wrong. Number 2 in the nation.

    Reading is fundamental.

  • beaupeep Nov 5, 2013

    ""Dropping to Number 2"? Since when is being 2nd in the nation a bad thing?"

    Ever since the liberals lost the election.

  • lem07 Nov 5, 2013

    Spending is not just about teacher salaries. It encompasses a whole host of items.

  • lem07 Nov 5, 2013

    yankee1 - I did not state that is what business look for. They look for an educated workforce as stated in the article. One factor in the "under educated, under performing kids" is spending. I said one factor and there are several, so get off my back.

  • teleman60 Nov 5, 2013

    1st year under looneyland McCrory and NC is "ALL OF A SUDDEN NOT THE LEADER" of the southeast US in business!

    Perhaps the Sharia law or motorcycle abortion bills made the news OUTSIDE Raleighville.
    Or maybe it was the voting - election restrictions?
    Or was it the Moral Monday protests?
    Or was it being a laugh headline EVERY NIGHT on Comedy Central? Or was it the picture of George Holding ASLEEP while the GOP shutdown the govt?
    Or was it Renee Elmers frantically trying to disavow the $24 BILLION damage she helped cause to the economy?
    Or was it Cookie McCrory laughing at a 12 year old protester?

    I guess it could have been any of these or more of the continuing saga of republican ineptitude?

    The crazy GA better dial it back before our reputation is destroyed.

  • stormwaterguy Nov 4, 2013

    "Dropping to Number 2"? Since when is being 2nd in the nation a bad thing?

    Its not #2 in the nation. Its #2 in the southeast. Thanks PatArt.

  • yankee1 Nov 4, 2013

    Reduction in per pupil funding over the past several years will have that effect when business look for an educated workforce.
    .... lem07

    Wrong! Business could care less what the per pupil funding is. Do you think that spending more money than the state next door but producing under educated, under performing kids who know more about diversity and sexual orientation than they do about math,reading and science is the ticket? Guess again!