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State seeking escapee from Hoke prison

Posted March 22, 2011
Updated March 23, 2011

— A man who helped an inmate escape from Hoke Correctional Institution was arrested Tuesday by Wake County Sheriff's deputies.

A spokeswoman for the North Carolina Department of Correction said James Scott Lipham was charged with harboring a fugitive.

Lipham picked up William Robert Emory, 37, outside the Hoke County prison Sunday after Emory jumped a fence at the  minimum-custody facility near Raeford, authorities said.

Emory was serving a two-year, three-month sentence for obtaining property by false pretense. He was scheduled for release on May 30, according to Department of Correction records. He has family in Apex and Holly Springs and may be in the Triangle, authorities said.

Emory is not considered dangerous, but DOC records show a lengthy criminal history, with forgery, fraud and larceny convictions dating back to 1991.

He previously escaped from prison in 1998, according to DOC records.

Authorities said Lipham was cooperating and that he did not know where Emory went after the two parted ways.


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  • They call me CATMAN Mar 28, 2011

    Emory was going to be released in May what a bad move now he will get more time and the guy that helped him escape I hope he gets some time as well. I hope the short time on the outside was worth it.

  • wildcat Mar 22, 2011

    they will catch this criminal soon, and the person helping and picked him up should also be charged and locked up.

  • CicnyKid Mar 22, 2011

    Need to call in Tommy Lee Jones. Bet he could find the fugative within 2 hours (or however long the movie's supposed to last.)

  • tjdebord Mar 22, 2011

    He should be given 10 years just for being stupid. Scheduled for release May 30 and he's now on the lam. He could have done the remaining time standing on his head.

  • illegals--GO HOME Mar 22, 2011

    We need to bring back the old-fashioned chain gangs where they worked if they wanted to be fed each day!!!

  • sayitoutloud Mar 22, 2011

    shouldnt be hard to recongnize with that dragon tattoo on his neck.

  • sammyg Mar 22, 2011

    How hard can it be to find him with the big ol' tatoo on his throat? Somebody's hiding him at home....

  • lakeyk1 Mar 22, 2011

    I can't believe or understand why this man would escape with only 2 months remaining on his sentence. Maybe the "cell interior decorators" forgot to put a calendar in his cell and he thought it was time to go. Another theory is, since he has done this before...he likes the trill or high of the escape. Maybe he should try out for a Hollywood movie as a "Stunt Escaper". Regardless, he has brought embarrassment to his family, especially if he has children in school, and I am sure the family's neighbors will heighten the neighborhood watch. lakeyk1

  • the6bests Mar 22, 2011

    Death penalty would eliminate a lot of these prisoners our taxes are supporting.
    Prison is much too easy a way of life! No mortgage to pay. No car payment. Your food arrives at the same time every day, and you didn't even have to buy it. You get to work out, play ball, etc. Whatever has happened to justice?????

  • same ole story Mar 22, 2011

    A perfect example of why this prison system is too easy. Sure he was looking at his release date and knew he had no options with the extremely high unemployment. escape now and get caught so that he can live off the taxpayer longer to play more basketball and lift weights.