Rep. Deborah Ross stepping down

Posted May 1, 2013

— State Rep. Deborah Ross, D-Wake, is resigning her post to take a job as general counsel for the Triangle Transit regional bus service.

Ross will join the agency June 17, according to a Wednesday release from Triangle Transit.

“Deborah’s experience in public finance will be vital as we move forward,” general manager David King said in a statement. “She has a strong working relationship with our local elected leaders and will be a vital part of the team.”

Soon after the announcement Wednesday, former Rep. Grier Martin said he will run for the seat Ross is vacating. Martin served four terms in the House before deciding in February 2012 not to seek a fifth term because redistricting put him and Ross into the same House district.

"I will seek to serve the people of the 34th District again, and I’m honored to have the support of Rep. Ross," Martin said in a statement. "I look forward to speaking with members of the Wake County Democratic Party Executive Committee and all interested constituents about how we can continue to make our community the best place to live and work in America."

Ross, who is serving her sixth term in office, has practiced law since 1990. She works with Styers, Kemerait & Mitchell in Raleigh and is a senior lecturing fellow at Duke University Law School. She graduated from Brown University and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Law School.

“I am pleased to be joining Triangle Transit,” she said in statement. “I am excited by this new opportunity, and I look forward to working to ensure the best transit options are available for all residents of our region, while contributing to economic development and positive growth."

Carol Teal, executive director of Lillian's List of North Carolina, a member-funded network that recruits and supports female Democratic candidates for office, lamented Ross' departure.

"Lillian’s List enthusiastically supported Deborah when she first ran for the House of Representatives in 2002," Teal said in a statement. "We have all proudly watched her service in the General Assembly over this past decade. Her keen intellect and brilliant debate have advanced the causes we all care about."

Teal also posted a statement from Ross, who thanked her supporters and said she will continue to serve until her replacement takes office.

"At this point in my career, I believe I will be more effective serving the public outside of the legislative arena," Ross said. "In my new position...I will focus my energies on making our growing community a better place to live, work and play, by ensuring and enhancing transportation options for all of our residents. I see this as an excellent way to continue my public service."


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  • ifcdirector May 1, 2013

    Good riddance. Martin is even worse. I lived in his district during his entire tenure in the legislature and not so much as one time did he ever reply to, or even acknowledge, a single inquiry or suggest I sent to his office. Worthless.

  • nufsaid May 1, 2013

    Ross said "I see this as an excellent way to continue my public service."

    Maybe just a more lucrative form of "public service"??

  • turkeydance May 1, 2013

    $165K a year.

  • geoherb1 May 1, 2013

    She represented my district. I was always amazed how she'd remember me by name when I saw her. We're going to miss having her in the Legislature. Best wishes to her in this position.

  • My3centsworth May 1, 2013

    waaaay too liberal for my tastes, will not forget the manner that she pigeon-holed a carry concealed bill a couple of years back because she didn't like it. What ever happened to the middle-of-the-roaders? Watched her on a q&a session on tv and she never directly answered a question, always gave a 1/2 answer or just side stepped it.

  • dwntwnboy2 May 1, 2013

    Hoping she can help change this "car-centric" society we have. We NEED a working, viable public transportation system. I can't believe that soooo many other cities around the country and in countries around the world, they have mass transit that WORKS. We haven't even grasped the basics here. Would rather fund mass transit programs than the wars we have been in, especially the blunder in Iraq.

  • SubwayScoundrel May 1, 2013

    Big loss for NC Government. Very smart and reasonable. Good for TTA. Wish there were more people like her in GA than some of those turning the state into Gooberville.

  • turkeydance May 1, 2013

    Better Pay/More Benefits.
    anyone would change jobs.
    double-dip retirement, too.

  • Pirate01 May 1, 2013

    She knows her liberal ramblings mean nothing in this state anymore. Time for her to go cash in on some taxpayer money!!

  • whatelseisnew May 1, 2013

    "I hope her moving to TTA will be positive for all. TTA needs some guidance in how to increase ridership. That means better marketing-which I'm not sure she brings marketing skills to the table."

    really, so now I not only have to subsidize Mass Transit something that I should not have to do, but I will have to pay for marketing something that the bulk of people that have a choice will never ever use. It is time for MASS transit to pay its own way AND to start paying back all the subsidies that are extracted from people operating private vehicles. That money needs to be put back into the roads and infrastructure that have been sorely neglected despite the extraordinary high fuel taxes North Carolina collects. Time for the FREE riders to start paying their fair share of the burden.