State immigration reform fizzles

Posted July 16, 2013

— After more than a year of work, House leaders have given up on a bill that would have made big changes to state immigration laws, including allowing driving permits for people in the country illegally.

House Bill 786 was turned into a study bill by a floor amendment during debate Tuesday. 

The bill would have allowed police to verify anyone's immigration status "where there is reasonable suspicion that the person is not lawfully present in the U.S.," said sponsor Rep. Jonathan Jordan, R-Ashe.

It also would have increased penalties for the manufacture or possession of fake IDs and for identity theft, and it called  for the forfeiture of any vehicle being driven by anyone without a license or restricted permit, driving without insurance or driving on a revoked license. 

It would have allowed a judge to refuse pre-trial release for immigrants deemed a flight risk or a threat to society and would have required undocumented immigrants to reimburse the state for the cost of their own imprisonment.

Sponsor Rep. Harry Warren, R-Rowan, said the bill was "carefully crafted to address hardened criminal activity."

"This is a bill about law enforcement and public safety," he said. "The bill does not pretend to address illegal immigration or to enforce immigration laws." 

The measure had drawn fire from both sides in the debate.

Advocates for undocumented immigrants said it would allow Arizona-style "show your papers" checkpoints and could be used to legitimize profiling. 

Those against illegal immigration said the issuance of restricted drivers' permits would legitimize their presence in the country and could allow those immigrants to vote or collect government benefits. 

Warren said the latter fears were unfounded. "This is not a driver’s license – it is simply a permit," he said, noting that it would not qualify under the bill as a valid form of identification or proof of legal status.

He said undocumented immigrants seeking a restricted driver's permit would have to submit to a criminal background check, prove their identities, prove they had lived in North Carolina for at least a year, pass the Division of Motor Vehicles test and have proof of pre-paid auto insurance.

Still, the measure proved too difficult for many House lawmakers to support. Sources close to the bill's sponsors said the McCrory administration also weighed in against it, citing concerns about the DMV's capacity to handle the new law.

So, sponsor Rep. Brian Brown, R-Pitt, offered an amendment to turn virtually all of it into a study. 

"We have come to the conclusion that more investigation into these matters are necessary," Brown said, citing the bill's potential impact on legal immigrants, businesses, social services and law enforcement.

"This is an extremely important issue our state faces," he said. "We want to take the most measured approach possible in addressing this."

The amendment won almost unanimous support, and the newly-minted immigration reform study passed the House easily, 84-29. It will receive a final House vote Wednesday.


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  • Krimson Jul 17, 2013

    stymieindurham: "Is there any other country that would issue these type drivers license?"

    When I was in Germany, I didn't need a German Driver's License. All I needed was a valid US Driver's License and I was legally allowed to operate a vehicle... The same was true when we visited Denmark and the Netherlands... We were also allowed to drive in Japan when we went there...

  • ncouterbanks69 Jul 17, 2013

    "Don't blame Democrats for your party's internal political confusion and your (let me put this as kindly as possible) ambivalence toward immigrants."

    What you (and you are far from alone) do not quite seem to get is that these are not immigrants. These are illegal criminals. There is a huge difference.

  • junkmail5 Jul 16, 2013

    Make illegal = felony. done.

    Also unconstitutional at the state level.

  • FlagWavingFascistCrank Jul 16, 2013

    NEWSFLASH: The NCGOP has control of the legislature AND the Governor's mansion......so you can't blame the democrats, Bev Perdue, liberals, or socialists for the failure of the NCGOP to keep their promise to crack down on illegal immigration....they're backing down because they know 2014 is just around the corner. Sorry. ;)

  • kbird Jul 16, 2013

    The absolute level of our ignorance is amazing!!

  • aspenstreet1717 Jul 16, 2013

    Make illegal = felony. done.

  • dlnorri Jul 16, 2013

    If they are doing something illegal, throw them in jail, or throw them out... simple enough. What we need is a bill the fines "enablers"; ie, $5K per head 1st offense for hiring, paying, or using subcontactors that hire or pay illegal/undocoumented workders. Problem solved. (double the fine for each repeat offense...)

  • ILoveDowntownRaleigh Jul 16, 2013

    "ILOVEDOWNTOWNRALEIGH...Oh by the way your call name? what is it to like about downtown Raleigh,you see I was born at the Cameron village Rex 48 years ago and I really know what downtown was and still is..."

    I have been here a few years longer than you, ThomasL, not that I want to keep counting any more. As for your feelings about downtown Raleigh: if I felt the way you do, I certainly wouldn't have stuck around for 48 years to whine about it, but that's your privilege.

    I don't have a lot of Twitter-style experience, so I couldn't pack all the great things I have to say about downtown Raleigh into the WRAL posting limit.

  • stymieindurham Jul 16, 2013

    Perhaps it should have been worded like this. Is there any country in the world, except our left-wingers, that will issue drivers licenses to people in their country illegally????

  • stymieindurham Jul 16, 2013

    " . . . including allowing driving permits for people in the country illegally."

    Is there any other country that would issue these type drivers license? This should have not even been considered.