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State hits $3B in lottery sales

Posted February 26, 2009

N.C. Education Lottery

— Sales for the North Carolina Education Lottery were expected to top the $3 billion mark Thursday, marking only the fifth time a state lottery has passed that milestone within three years.

Lottery sales began on March 30, 2006.

“Hitting this sales record in under three years is a testimony to the people of North Carolina, who have supported the education lottery. It is also a testimony to the staff of the lottery and the lottery retailers across the state, who have been dedicated to making as much money for education in North Carolina as possible,” lottery director Tom Shaheen said in a statement.

The other state lotteries that recorded more than $3 billion in sales during their first three years are in Florida, California, Texas and Georgia, he said.

From it’s inception through Dec. 31, the North Carolina lottery has raised over $918 million for education.

The lottery will add a Carolina Pick 4 game this spring, which Shaheen said will round out the complement of games and signal a transition from start-up to mature lottery.


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  • ThisIsMyName Feb 26, 2009

    I guess if you don't understand odds, you play Powerball.

  • rushbot Feb 26, 2009

    The way it has worked has been any revenues received by NC have gone to education, but the citizens in the legislature and the Gov's office have simply spent the same amount elsewhere. Georgia is the only state of which I know that actually uses the lotto money on education; I believe they actually allow all Georgians free tuition at Georgia State colleges and universities.
    Having said that, we also got the crummy rip-off lotto. Currently the Mega Millions Lotto has a grand prize of $171 million in annuity form with a lump sum available of $114 million. We are stuck with the Powerball Lotto which currently has a grand prize of $173 million in annuity form with a lump sum available of $92.5 million. While the grand prize in each is approximately even (hey, what's $2 million among friends?!?!), the lump sum payout is approximately $21.5 million greater to those states which chose the Mega Millions lotto. Remember the questionable, sleazy selection process? Thanks NC Government!

  • kebsmom Feb 26, 2009

    This is a joke. The schools are no better now than they were before the lottery. Kids still can't read or write. If this was an education lottery then the money should go there BUT the people of NC should see some difference in their kids. Another status quo for BP I guess.

  • copforlife Feb 26, 2009

    Heck, 1 billion was from my wife!!!

  • samiam1244 Feb 26, 2009

    Then why is it not going to the school's.. instead of the stimules money covering it..

  • london12 Feb 26, 2009

    So the Education system must be doing great! Not! I want to see a breakdown of how that lottery revenue was disbursed, with honesty and transparency!

  • time4real Feb 26, 2009

    the "education" lottery is the biggest farce ever dealt to the people of NC. so LITTLE actually goes to "education" it basically does nothing for education. It goes into Tom Shemale's pocket, but of course he'll tell you otherwise. Want to send a message? Quit playing! I've never bought 1 lottery ticket nor will i ever!

  • iceprincess Feb 26, 2009

    With that kind of money, none of our schools should be having the money problems they are having. I keep hearing "there's no money for that program." Or one school in particular that I know of was supposed to get 10 new buses. I had the pleasure of overhearing the Assistant Pricipal on that one. Someone is feeding us a line of bull.

  • aintbackingdwn Feb 26, 2009

    I think every lawmaker that supports/supported the lottery ought to have to either play it once a week or contribute 5% of their salary yearly into lottery sales.

  • firemans wife Feb 26, 2009

    Some story! I just read in my local paper that the county schools systems would NOT be getting the money alloted to them because the state needs to hold on to it to offset the budget deficit. I thaught that this was for education - not everything else!