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State government building evacuated due to smoke

Posted July 13, 2010

— More than 1,100 people got out of the state government complex's Albemarle Building in downtown Raleigh Tuesday morning after smelling smoke, according to Raleigh Fire Marshal Rusty Styons.

An air circulator motor broke and caused the smoke smell to be pumped through a couple of floors, he said. No other information was released.


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  • CozyCake Jul 13, 2010

    I was one of the employees having to wait outside. While there my co workers were rearranging meetings, having meetings and wondering when they could get back to work. These folks work hard, are underpaid and care about people, the tax payers, they try to help.

  • 3x3NC Jul 13, 2010


    As a NC State Employee (and yes before you assume otherwise, I am OFF work and on my time) I think the comment you made is completely OUT OF LINE, but there seems to be a lot of folks that think the way you do.

    Yes, there is waste in state gov't, but I can guarantee you, it isn't in your 19-20 or even 30k workers. We WORK and we work hard for low wages and little appreciation with sky rocketing health care premiums, benefits that are constantly in jeoprady, and we all wonder if we'll have a job after recent RIF's!

    I love my job and I am grateful for it, I've been at it for 18+ years, am not rich, wasn't when I started and dang sure won't be when I leave. Just like most folks I have struggled to make ends meet, struggled to raise my children and struggled to get them through college.

    So, on behalf of all State Employees, I'd like to thank you, personally, for your kind words.

    Sign me on the clock at 7:15 in the AM, smiling and doing what I do, serving the fine folks of

  • WHEEL Jul 13, 2010

    This will probably save the State money. I understand that there is a policy that employees cannot look out the windows before lunch because if they do they will have nothing to do in the afternoon.

  • dwntwnboy Jul 13, 2010

    "Prob from lack of brain usage from all the politics from the crooked politicians"- if that were true, wouldn't these buildings have gone up in flames LONG ago? LOL

  • LuvLivingInCary Jul 13, 2010

    probably them burning all the easley evidence that's pilled up...

  • demo7691 Jul 13, 2010

    Prob from lack of brain usage from all the politics from the crooked politicians