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Last State fair ride victim leaves hospital

Posted February 16, 2014

Gorham family (Courtesy of Gorham family)

— A man who was seriously injured while getting off a ride at the North Carolina State Fair nearly four months ago was released from a local hospital on Wednesday.

Anthony Gorham, his wife, Kisha, and her 14-year-old son, Justen Hunter, were getting off the Vortex Oct. 24 when it unexpectedly started. All three were thrown off the ride. Two other people were injured.

Anthony and Kisha Gorham were released from the hospital in November and went through several surgeries and intensive rehabilitation, according to a fundraising website created to help with the family's medical expenses.
Anthony Gorham suffered brain, skull, neck and spinal cord injuries.

“This is the day that the Lord has made. I will rejoice and be glad in it, for this is the day He blessed my husband to come home from the hospital,” read the latest website entry on Feb. 12. “Our journey is far from over. Please continue to pray for my family. Anthony is still recovering, and (Justen) is continuing to deal with the emotional impact.”

Ride owner Joshua Macaroni and ride operator Timothy Tutterrow each faces charges of assault with a deadly weapon in connection with the incident.


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  • carrboroyouth Feb 17, 2014

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    He has a spinal injury. The money obviously will be spent on the hundreds of thousands of dollars spent on exams, surgeries and his 4 month hospital stay, not to mention remodeling his house should he have permanent injuries. Your comment comes off as if this is somehow a dream come true...

  • stymieindurham Feb 17, 2014

    If they've retained a good enough attorney, this family will be able to buy the Vortex ride and put it in their backyard.

    Where's the John Edwards law group?!!!

  • Todd Jenkins Feb 17, 2014
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    Vortex ride is valued at 450K. Very little insurance policy. My crystal ball says to expect a big lawsuit that also pins blame on the Fairgrounds. The state coffers is where the money is on this case.

  • Obamacare for America Feb 17, 2014

    If they've retained a good enough attorney, this family will be able to buy the Vortex ride and put it in their backyard.

  • DontVote4LiarsCheatsOrThieves Feb 17, 2014

    Bless their hearts. Prayers for them to continue to improve towards full restoration, 70x7.

  • tri123 Feb 17, 2014

    Has WRAL had a lawyer on to give some commentary? I know that in a lot of types of insurance, committing a crime voids the policy, which then throws the financial burden back on the people who committed the crime, who don't have nearly enough money to make this family whole.

    Meanwhile, they have to start paying their insurance premiums because they've lost their jobs, the state has three months to give them unemployment and will require them to sell their cars before they can get food stamps, and the wife will be punished for being married in that she has to spend out all her savings and earnings or he won't be able to get Medicaid and services.

    Everyone always says "there's a program for that" but often there is NOT and what there is requires poverty and suffering to get. Any middle class family can be required to go into poverty in the blink of an eye; all that it requires is one of the financially-tied members of the family to be seriously injured.

  • mafiamic Feb 17, 2014

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    The one's responsible for the accident is usually who pays it or their insurance company,after they send one of their own to tell you they will give you a couple of dollars when they should pay alot more.

  • wu Feb 17, 2014


  • Outlaw Josey Wales Feb 17, 2014

    Wonder who paid all the victim's medical bills ??

  • Chase Truman Feb 17, 2014
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    I believe it was the son and wife of the man who were released in November. All three were thrown off the ride.