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State confirms second case of tropical chikungunya virus

Posted June 25, 2014

— Health officials on Wednesday confirmed the state’s second case of chikungunya in a resident who recently traveled to the Caribbean.

The tropical virus is transmitted through the bite of an infected mosquito and can cause sudden onset of fever and severe joint pain in the hands and feet.

The pain typically improves within a week, but it may last for months or years in some patients. In rare cases, patients have died.

Infected people can spread the virus to others through mosquito bites. Officials with the Alamance County Health Department said the person had symptoms when they returned from travel but no longer had the virus.

“After reviewing this case, we do not feel anyone in Alamance County is at risk because the time period in which mosquitos could have been infected was over,” Interim Health Director Stacie Saunders said. “Right now, we want those traveling to the Caribbean or other affected areas to be aware of the virus and to protect themselves against mosquito bites.”

The state reported its first ever case of infection on June 12, saying that person had also recently traveled to the Caribbean.

There are no documented cases of the virus being acquired in North Carolina or the continental United States, according to the state Department of Health and Human Services. But the Asian tiger mosquito, which is common in North Carolina, could transmit the virus.


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  • Sumo Vita Jun 26, 2014

    "Yah right, 6 years of lawless Barry whrere nothing is better and its still the right's fault?"

    In those 6 years the stock market has only DOUBLED. The technology sector is booming. The energy sector is on the verge of energy independance. The real estate market is recovering fast. And many, many uninsured now have access to healthcare.

    And the ONLY thing the right has done in these 6 years has been to moan and groan about the sky falling - not to mention gnash their teeth - and to obstruct progress at EVERY turn. They're determined to be on the wrong side of history - just about permanently - and that's just about the one thing they've been successful at.

  • tri123 Jun 26, 2014

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    We never eradicated Chikungunya virus... it was never here. Click on that link "Learn about".

    And these cases have come from fliers, probably USA citizens, in any case people who showed passports.

  • I-Defy Jun 26, 2014

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    are we back to calling it Global Warming again? You keep changing the name every time new evidence comes out to refute it

  • I-Defy Jun 26, 2014

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    Yah right, 6 years of lawless Barry whrere nothing is better and its still the right's fault? You not only cant see your double standards and hypocrisy you cant even see your liberal failures

  • I-Defy Jun 26, 2014

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    why would you stop potential voters? Dems dont care of they're sick or dead for that matter as long as they vote democrat

  • I-Defy Jun 26, 2014

    Just what are all the illegals, that no one wants to do anything about, bringing into the country other than diseases we have already erradicated at one point?

  • Ashley Moore Jun 26, 2014
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    Isn't that the band that sang "Tubthumpin'"?

  • beaupeep Jun 26, 2014

    It might be nice to know if it's a particular Carribean Island or all of them. People might change travel plans or be more cautious if we had more, ahem, FACTS on this story.

  • beaupeep Jun 26, 2014

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    They can't stop anything from crossing our borders.

  • Itsmyopinion67 Jun 26, 2014

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    As is the left.