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State changing how it tracks flu

Posted October 7, 2009

— State and national health officials are changing how they track infection and death during flu season.

The North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services, in response to a directive from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, will no longer break out different data on seasonal flu and H1N1 flu. Instead, hospitalizations and deaths from any influenza-like illnesses will be counted together.

Reporting of all flu-related deaths is required by a temporary order from the state health director. In previous years, only pediatric flu deaths were reported.

The health department pointed out that the H1N1 virus accounts for 99 percent of all flu currently circulating in the state and the country.

Flu activity is also monitored by running laboratory tests on a sample of patients from across the state each week to determine which types of flu are circulating.


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  • dbcooper41 Oct 7, 2009

    seriously, i do. and you are certainly entitled to your own opinion.
    but you might ask yourself how it spread the way it did so quickly. or why they tested for it in new zealand to verify its presence when it was an unknown strain at the time. or why so many cases were reported that had never actually been tested.
    or why they fast tracked the vaccine when it appears to be no worse than any other flu strain.
    or how they were able to predict so well the timing of the genetic mutations that would create it.
    or why kids from ny city got it from a trip to cancun, when it was rampaging in mexico city, not cancun.
    why is it spreading so early if it is so similar to other strains? there's a reason why we have a traditional flu season, but apparently someone forgot to tell this one that.
    and why aren't people in nursing homes considered high risk(hint, they are bedridden and kept inside) everyone needs to make up their own mind but please, try and base your decision on facts and logic.

  • rescuefan Oct 7, 2009

    Seriously? You think this is a planned pandemic?

    Oh, and the ones who might just disagree are trolls? Wow.

  • goobnav Oct 7, 2009

    You are right on the money, coop. If anybody brings up the tinfoil hat thing just ignore them because they are paid to distract from the truth that this is an effort at population control or elimination. Its funny when they try to hide something in plain sight and the people who notice it are called crazy, but, that's the point. Keep posting, you do a great job by doing it. If the trolls come out, they be dealt with in future posts.

  • dbcooper41 Oct 7, 2009

    "The health department pointed out that the H1N1 virus accounts for 99 percent of all flu currently circulating in the state and the country."
    how can they make such a statement with the very limited testing they are doing right now?
    and why is this plandemic starting so much earlier than the seasonal flu?
    and why does it strike young people more than old people? they say it's because old people have some immunity from previous years, yet that is true of every year's flu and old people are still considered higher risk for the normal flu. perhaps it has something to do with old people being inside more than kids? could it be "something in the air"? perhaps we aren't dealing with the normal dispursion vectors? dare i say chemtrails?(bring on the tinfoil hat comments)
    as the church lady might say, "it's all so convenient".
    and interestingly enough, the plandemic seemed to start whithin days of sanofi pasteur being granted a patent to produce the flu virus.