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State brings back ban on outdoor burning

Posted March 27, 2008
Updated April 30, 2008

— State forestry officials said that they have reintroduced the statewide ban on outdoor burning as of noon Thursday and have again canceled all burning permits.

"The reason for the ban is the persistent dry and windy conditions blanketing North Carolina has made forest fuels such as leaves and branches extremely dry and increased the amount of wildfire activity statewide. The ban on open burning will be in effect until further notice," the Division of Forest Resources said in its announcement.

Officials have introduced, then lifted, then reintroduced the ban several times as drought conditions have varied in recent months.

The state-imposed burn ban applies to open burning more than 100 feet from an occupied dwelling. Burning within 100 feet of such buildings is controlled by local officials, though county fire marshals often impose bans when the state does.


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  • bill0 Mar 27, 2008

    This is so stupid! When was the last time a forest fire was started by a camp fire? It pretty much never happens. Besides lightning, the biggest human cause of forest fires is people tossing cigarettes out their car window. After that is probably kids playing with fire or fireworks. A responsible camper roasting marshmellows over a fire ring is not a fire threat.

  • TheAdmiral Mar 27, 2008

    I hate it because they keep doing it just as we are going to have a nice fire with marshmellos.

  • BottomLine Mar 27, 2008

    totally agree ... WRAL - please report both sides of the news...

  • ObamaMustGo aka NCcarguy Mar 27, 2008

    I wish WRAL would let us know when it's been lifted too! I LOVE a good burn pile!

  • Through a glass darkly Mar 27, 2008

    Here is a story about lifting the ban in January:


  • Wild and Crazy Guy Mar 27, 2008

    So, I wonder if WRAL will ever post a story like they have lifted the burning ban? I only hear about this when they impose the burning ban. Seems that lifting the burning ban would be beneficial as well. Maybe I missed it, but I thought we were still under a burning ban. Now I hear I could have burned some of my fallen limbs and such, but not after today. Now, I am responsible and use common sense anyway, (it still is dry) but I do try to follow the law as best I can.