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State bans Massachusetts company responsible for tainted steriod

Posted October 16, 2012
Updated October 17, 2012

The North Carolina Board of Pharmacy has banned a Massachusetts drugmaker responsible for tainted steroid injections from doing business in the state.

North Carolina joined other states, including Tennessee, New Hampshire, Virginia and Massachusetts, in revoking the license of the New England Compounding Center, which manufactured the injection being blamed for an outbreak of fungal meningitis that has sickened 214 people in 15 states.

Fifteen people have died – none in North Carolina.

All providers listed as having received the recalled steroid product have been notified, and all North Carolina patients who have received the products have been contacted, according to a statement from the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Service.

The Food and Drug Administration is encouraging all health care providers that have used injectible products from the company after May 21 to inform their patients of the risk of infection.

Patients who suspect they have received the drug and have symptoms should contact their provider immediately.

State officials said the form of fungal meningitis is not contagious.


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  • Six String Oct 17, 2012

    sjb2ki: Did you read the story the other day about the skydiver who set records? It said he parachuted from 28,000 feet, or 24 miles. Spell check can't catch that, but someone with half a brain could, though. Guess I have half a brain. Journalism is in a sorry state these days.

  • sjb2k1 Oct 17, 2012


    you know, even basic spell check catches that.

  • Six String Oct 17, 2012

    To one of your points,corey3rd, the tort reform that was passed several years ago in Texas was to limit corporate liability and reduce insurance rates by limiting lawsuits to $250,000 compensation. The resuslt? People are now limited in achieving real justice and compensation for injury, and the insurance rates -- gasp!--- have continued to rise. Wonder why that is? Corporations are "people" too, you know, but are somehow treated differently than you or me.

  • Six String Oct 17, 2012

    @honesty first and corey3rd:

    Some would have us believe government regulations are a problem that hold back business. Horse hockey! They abhor "socialism" and adore free enterprise, but don't understand that unbridled capitalism is just as bad as uncontrolled socialism. Good government exists to protect the public, just as was done in this example and should be balanced with a good dose of common sense. I've never known a business management group that did not want a free hand to do anything possible to maximize profit for stockholders, even at the expense of public safety if they could get by with it. My only question is why it took the FDA so long to shut these guys down?

  • Honesty first Oct 17, 2012

    Is this one of the companies that McCrory wants to get out of the way of so they can succeed. I believe that the FDA and teh MA Board of Pharmacy as well as the NC Board did a great job of getting out of the way. We need no regulations of any company Pat so that every company can succeed and continue to cause harm to people and the planet.

  • corey3rd Oct 17, 2012

    Under the ALEC rules that Thom Tillis wants to force on NC, the people injured by this tainted drug would have ZERO recourse in suing New England Compounding Center. And Pat McCrory supports such laws that give corporations a free hand in killing Americans with tainted products. That's why he poses in a slaughter house in all his campaign ads.